Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I Ate Yesterday

Those of you who know me in real life know I'm pretty addicted to instagram.  I check it more often than I check any other app, and one of the biggest reasons is that I get so much inspiration from it.  Endless inspiration.  I follow a wide range of igers...from bloggers I admire to other crocheters to paleo fanatics to just fellow moms.  I love seeing the things that are going on in their lives, and being inspired to incorporate those things into my life, even if it's not literally.  Someone's awesome new dress might give me an idea for a color palate for my next afghan; someone else's hike in the mountains might make me want to get outside myself.  See what I mean? Endless inspiration.  

I also really like posting little snippets of my own life throughout the day.  It's like an on-going photo journal of my day to day life, and I just love having it. I typically post a lot of my kids (obviously...they're adorable), but I also really like to post photos of whatever paleo food I'm eating.  Not just to share with my followers, but to keep a little mini-cookbook for myself.  When I'm standing in front of the stove with absolutely no clue what to make for dinner, sometimes I'll look through my instagram feed and remember that one time that I made 'nachos' with green peppers for the chips and 20 minutes later, I'm chowing down (true story).  

Because of this newfound love of food photography, I decided to start a new feature on my blog called What I Ate ______.  One day a week, I'll photograph everything that I ingest, (except water, of course, cause who wants to see 8-10 pictures of a cup of water?) and post them here.  I hope to give some peek into the life of someone who eats paleo, and also share some recipes and tips.  It can be kind of intimidating to commit to cooking pretty much 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for yourself, but I hope I can alleviate some of that trepidation by showing how easy it really is with a little planning and creativity.  If I can do it with two crazy kids and a husband who's gone half of every month, you can do it!  

That being said, here's What I Ate Yesterday! 


One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast are these thin cut porkchops.  They cook up crazy quick in a skillet with a little coconut oil or butter, are small enough to fit in the pan with my usual two eggs, and are super cheap (usually around $2.00 for 8).  I typically season them with some garlic herb sea salt.  

Along with the pork, I ate two over-easy eggs and about 2 cups worth of spinach that I just sauteed in the pan after the eggs and pork were done cooking.  I used to LOVE to eat over-easy eggs on top of a piece of toast with a knife and fork, and I've stayed away from them since eating paleo because I thought I wouldn't like them without that toast to soak up the yolk.  Man was I wrong.  Soaking up that yolk with spinach, meat, or a sweet potato (like I did this morning) is so much better!  So much more flavor.  

I usually have a cup of coffee every morning as well.  I buy the flavored Kcups since they are sweetener free (I'd rather have flavored coffee than use chemically-flavored creamer), and I pour probably a tablespoon of SO Delicious' coconut creamer (made with coconut milk, not coconut flavored).  No sweeteners.  

This stuff is a LIFESAVER when you're trying to kick a soda habit.  I used to drink 3-4 cans of diet coke a day, and cutting that down to zero can be kind of rough for more than one reason. When I'm craving a coke, I grab a can of La Croix.  I get all the carbonation without any weird chemicals that might give me cancer.  I thought I would really like this cran-raspberry kind, but it's def not my favorite.  I love the lemon and the lime, and the orange isn't bad either.  Seagram's also makes a peach flavored carbonated water that's really yummy.  

If you're here in Minot with me, you can find La Croix at Target, and Seagram's at Marketplace Foods.  Sams Club in Bismarck sells a case of I think 36 cans of La Croix (the orange, lemon and lime flavors) for under $10.  


Leftover chicken curry over a bed of cauliflower rice, a dish of watermelon that I shared with the kids, and a big glass of water!  

Leftovers are my new best friend when it comes to lunch.  Since it's summertime, I usually have to make lunch for my kids as well, and by the time I finish their lunch the last thing I want to do is actually COOK something for myself (my kids do not eat paleo, but I try and give them mostly real foods, so I make a lot of things from scratch). It's so much easier to make a little extra at dinner the night before and then have lunch for a couple days.  

On my way to work:

I was kind of dragging and not really wanting to go in (it was my 4th day in a row of working...I typically only work 2 days a week), so I made myself a bottle of iced coffee.  I use the French Vanilla Iced Coffee K-cups, make 10 oz and pour it into my double walled water bottle that's filled with ice, then pour probably 2-3 ounces of almond milk and shake it up. It's delicious.  Sometimes I'll add a tiny bit of vanilla extract as well.  


Work has been one of my more recent challenges.  I deliver pizza, and the Pizza Hut I work at doesn't even open until 4 most days, so I'm pretty much guaranteed to be working at dinner time.  It's kind of hard thinking of things to pack that I can eat while driving, since I don't typically get a break at work and the only time I'm not DOING something is when I'm sitting in the car driving.  

Last night, I packed a couple hard boiled eggs, some leftover beef brisquet the neighbors brought over for us (not sure if it's 100% paleo or not but it was delicious so I ate it all anyway hahaha).  I also packed a banana and some carrots, although I only ended up eating about half of those.  Finally, I packed myself a couple servings of the Lara bars I made that afternoon (I only ate one; I wanted to share the other with my boss).  I'll post a recipe for those if you guys would like...they came out DELICIOUS and were so easy it's ridiculous.  

I try to make sure I stay hydrated while I'm working, since like I said above, I'm usually moving constantly for 4-6 hours straight (except driving), it's summer time, and our uniform is all black.  I sweat a lot.  It's pretty gross.  

I notice the nights I stop to buy a bottle of coconut water on the way to work I feel less sore the next day (not sure why), so I've tried to make this a habit.  It's a great way to naturally hydrate your body (much better than gatorade), and it tastes delicious!  It also has a crap ton of potassium, which might have to do with my muscles not being as sore.  

I feel kind of lame complaining about sore muscles from delivering pizza, but I'm pretty much speedwalking to every house and back to my car, and walking up 2-3 flights of stairs in dorm buildings, and speedwalking from one end of the store to another while making/cutting/ringing up pizzas.  It's a pretty high energy job.  I'll wear my BodyMedia FIT armband next time I work and share my calorie burn with you guys for sure.  

So yeah...that's what I ate yesterday!  A lot of really delicious food and yummy drinks.  I'm not sure what the calorie count is, but it's probably around 1300.  And I didn't feel like I was on a diet at all.  I think that's one of the biggest reasons I love paleo so much: even though there are foods that are off limits, I know WHY they are off limits, and everything else is pretty much a free for all.  If everything you're eating is good for you and can do your body no harm, there's no reason to restrict yourself or deny cravings whatsoever (as long as they are paleo-friendly cravings of course).  I probably should have eaten more yesterday considering I worked so hard all night, but I was honestly stuffed.  

Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into a day in my life food-wise!  

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