Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kaden's Chevron Blanket.

I did it! 

I finally finished the afghan I started for my sweet baby nephew Kaden back in oh...January?  In all honesty it was just sitting around for the last month or so, patiently waiting for me to hook the last 50 or so navy sc's on the border.  I picked up my hook this morning and knocked it out in oh, ten minutes?  And then felt really ridiculous for putting it off this long.

Part of me thinks I procrastinated so much because I didn't want it to be finished...I didn't want to say goodbye to this gorgeous, happy afghan that I can't help but smile at whenever it catches my eye.  

And then I remembered who I made the afghan for, and I wasn't sad anymore.  I won't be able to snuggle Kaden for who knows how long (with both my husband and my brother in law in the Air Force...they're currently stationed in England), but I can send him this uber-soft afghan to snuggle instead.  

I hope he likes it.

P.S. I'm already planning my next chevron afghan...I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with this color scheme:  

Yep, that's a laundry bag I bought at Target.  Full of laundry that I should be washing right now.  

But don't you just love the colors?  

P.P.S.  I'm photographing what I eat today for a new series called What I Ate.  The posts will show up on Thursdays, so make sure you come back if you'd like to see what I'm eating during these 30 days of strict paleo!

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