Sunday, April 1, 2012

Piper's Rainbow Sleepover Birthday Party

First of all, let me apologize for my almost-month-long hiatus.  As my last post touched on, I've been going through a lot and am trying to find ways to be happier and deal with all this stress better.  The weather taking a turn for the better has helped, and I also got back on anti depressants so I'm sure once those kick in I'll be feeling a lot better.  I'm finding the days I force myself to be active and/or get outside are easier to deal with than the days I give in to the depression and sit around on my butt.  Things are looking up; I'm not back to my normal self yet, but I'm feeling a bit more positive, which is awesome.  

On to the birthday post! 

Piper's birthday is April 4th (she'll be six this year), so we threw her a sleepover party last night.  She only wanted to invite three of our neighbors, so it was really small and REALLY fun!  I was able to do a lot more for the girls since there were only four of them.  

(Brandon's not in any of these pictures cause he was at work :(  He'll be home for her actual birthday though (and mine too! Mine's the day before Piper's) so we'll have a family party then).  

Piper wanted a rainbow theme, and she wanted to play dress up as well.  I ended up going to the Airman's Attic on base (it's like a thrift store for the lower ranking people on base, but everything is free) and getting each girl a pair of heels and a purse.  Over the past few weeks, I picked up random little goodies for their purses; gum, nail polish, eye shadow, bracelets, colored hair extension clip on thingies, etc.  It was so fun thinking of cute little "grownup" things to put in their purses!  

The decorations were so easy, and definitely made a big impact!  I bought a roll of streamers in every color of the rainbow and just went to town on the dining room.  I hung them in front of our dining room window to create a backdrop for the food table, and made a rainbow with them on one wall (and also on the front door).  I also hung a bunch from the chandelier.  I purchased a bouquet of balloons and just split it up and let them float all over the room.  I also got four mini-bouquets of rainbow colored daisies (one for each girl) that they got to take home after the party.  

I bought red plates, orange cake plates, yellow forks, green napkins, blue cups and a purple table cloth to stick with the rainbow theme.  For snacks, we had skittles, m&ms (I picked out all the brown ones), jelly beans, carrots, grapes, pineapple, and colored goldfish.  I also bought a few cans of pringles (different colors), and they had grape and orange soda to drink.  The girls made their own mini pizzas for dinner, and munched on popcorn with a movie at bedtime.  

After the girls went to town with their goodies in their purse, I had them play bingo since Beck was still sleeping (he would have been all over their cards if he had been awake).  I picked up this Hello Kitty bingo set on clearance at the BX on base for like $2!  The girls loved it, and it was a great activity that I didn't have to monitor too much so I could chit-chat with my friend Jackie (Jazmyn, Leilanii and LJ's mom).

Beck woke up from his epic three hour nap finally, so we all headed into the living room for a dance party! I cranked up the music and they had a blast spinning in circles and shaking their booties.  Even LJ and Beck got in on the fun!  

Speaking of LJ and Beck, can I just pause for a minute and tell you how absolutely THRILLED I am at these two little boys?  Last summer, they could barely stand to be together for half an hour at a time before the pushing and screaming at eachother started; last night, they were actually sharing a coloring book!  I wish I could have gotten a picture of them huddled over my iPhone watching Dora on was the sweetest thing ever.  The boys are 11 days apart and I'm just so happy they have eachother to play with (now that they get along hahaha)!  

After dinner, the girls headed upstairs to play in Piper's room for a bit.  Then, it was cake time!  Piper wanted a rainbow cake and then picked out this cotton candy frosting.  I was planning on frosting the cake white (to contrast with all the colors of the cake), but when I frosted the cake blue I realized this was even cuter!  I wrote Happy Birthday and then made a couple clouds (just iced the clouds with the same tip I used to write the words, and then made the frosting "fluffy" by dabbing my finger all over them).  So cute!  

 She got almost all of the candles out with one breath!  

And here's the inside of the cake!  It came out so awesome and colorful.  I kind of wish I had used a little of every color in each layer (instead of red, orange and yellow in one and green, blue and purple in the other) but I still think it came out cute.  There are tons of rainbow-cake tutorials on the internet, but I just kind of winged it.  I used a white cake mix and split it into six equal portions, then poured the colors in one at a time into two different 9 inch round pans.  

Just a quick shot with my little boy in his party hat :D  I wish the front facing camera on the iPhone 4S wasn't so grainy!  

Opening her presents :) I can't get over how much she's grown this year!  

This is a picture of her on her birthday last year!  So crazy.  

Once it was bedtime, we realized the girls all had the same unicorn pillow pet! So funny.  They all snuggled up on the couches (I don't know how Jazmyn and Piper fit on the loveseat lol) and fell asleep around 11PM I  think.  So much giggling.  

All in all it was a great party.  Piper had a blast, and I'm thankful everything went so smoothly.  I love throwing parties like this, and I love it even more now that she can tell me how much she appreciates it!  The above photo is a screen shot from my facebook status last night; I teared up when Piper told me how much fun she had!  

I'll be back on Wednesday with a little birthday post to my not-so-baby girl.  Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!  


  1. Aw :) Looks like a fun party. I loved the pic of all the girls dancing around!

  2. SOOOO Sweet!!!!! Best 6th Birthday part!!!! I bet she'll be talking about this day for a long time! You did a great job!!!

  3. Such a lovely party. I liked these arrangements.

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