Monday, February 13, 2012


A few weeks ago, while we were walking around Target, I asked Piper if she wanted to pick out some Valentines to give to her classmates or if she'd like me to figure out some sort of Valentine she could make.  My heart swelled when she chose handmade!  

I love The Purl Bee, and when these adorable felt Valentine pockets showed up in my blogroll, I flipped!  They were perfect!  Piper recently made a little Tooth Fairy pillow out of felt and really loved sewing it together, so I thought these would be so fun for her to make!  

via The Purl Bee

I printed off the template for the hearts, and soon realized they'd just be too difficult for her to sew up.  Also, they're a lot smaller than I realized (although I should have, because look at how big those candy corns look in that picture!).  

Time to improvise! 

I just started cutting out hearts until I got one that I felt like was a good shape and size for stuffing.  This one was too tall, and not fat enough.  

Once I got a good shape, I traced and cut out 46 of those puppies.  Yep.  Forty-six.  She has twenty kids in her class and wanted a few extras for her friends.  

So many hearts.  

We used red, salmon, pastel pink, and white felt.  I got six hearts to a sheet, and had a strip at the top to use to cut out the smaller hearts (seen below), if that gives you an idea of size and/or how many sheets of felt to buy.  I bought white and bright pink embroidery floss, but I wish I had bought red as well.  Oh, and we just used buttons I already have here at home.  All in all these valentines cost us maybe $5, and that's including the candy!  

Cutting the hearts out is the most time consuming part of this project...the rest goes so quickly!  And really, my five year old could do most of it all by herself. 

I had Piper sew two hearts together by doing a simple back stitch almost all the way around the hearts.  We started just before the top center, stitched all the way around counter clock wise, and stopped right about where the left "bump" starts.  

For the first heart, (the one pictured) I used a marker to make a bunch of dots so she knew where to stick the needle.  The marks will show up though, so for the next ones she just free-handed it and I think they came out even better.  You might want to stick with the marks though, if you have a young or new hand-stitcher.   

I then sewed a button onto the BACK heart, and snipped a hole in the front heart big enough for whichever button she chose.  

To cover the strings on the back, I cut out some smaller hearts and we glued them with Tacky Glue.  

So cute!  After the first heart, we decided just one go-around would be sufficient...they don't really need the second back stitch and I think they look cuter this way.  

What did we stuff inside?  I'll show you! 

Conversation hearts of course!  And a little note from Miss Piper, complete with her pink and red hearts which she is immensely proud of.  

(What the heck is LNDA?  Anyone know?)

These are so easy, and if you don't have 23 of them to make, they go very quickly!  We made twelve in about an hour last night.  

Please let me know in the comments if you try these quick little Valentines!  I'd love to see yours :)!  

UPDATE!  I figured out what LNDA is: linda.  Which is "nice" Spanish. 

Oops!  :)


  1. these are so cute, way to go Piper...handmade is the bestmade

  2. Those are soooo cute! I'll have to try them next year for Natalie's dance class!

  3. Adorable! She must be so proud!
    But what is 'NO SE'? Is that Spanish for something? Or it must be that fancy text language that everyone is using but me. LOLROFL I am so cool. I remember the good old days when they said "fax me". Remember that?

    1. Hahaha yeah I'm assuming No Se is supposed to be Spanish for "I don't know"....but that's kind of weird to be on a conversation heart. I'm gonna have to look at these closer when we finish them up tonight!

  4. SO SO SO SO cute!!!!!! I think I'll have to try that next year!!! and LOVE that you used spanish hearts!!!!!!

    1. I tagged you in a get to know you blog - check my blog out for the details :)