Thursday, February 9, 2012


Brandon and I sometimes get nostalgic when we think about the days before we had kids; we were young, newly-dating, and never planned anything.  We just went with the flow. If we felt like playing racquetball, we did.  If we felt like going night fishing, we did.  If we just wanted to stay home and play Fable, we did.  

One of the first things we ever did together was take a totally random trip to the Grand Canyon!  We realized we both had a three day weekend and that neither of us had ever been, so after our shifts at Pizza Hut, we each headed home to pack some clothes and after a stop at the store for food/drinks, we were off!  We ended up pulling in just in time to see the sunrise over the canyon; it was so beautiful.  

Now that we are a little more financially stable (we paid our car off this week! YAY!), I'm making it a goal to introduce more spontaneity into our lives.  I feel like it'll be good for the whole family; Brandon and I won't feel so bogged down by the daily routine, and it'll help the kids learn to be more flexible and adaptable.  Plus, it'll be FUN!  

I'm counting yesterday as our first spontaneous adventure, even though only Piper and I went.  

Brandon and I were talking in the kitchen about how crazy this weekend will be for him (homework-wise) and how crazy the next six weekends will be for me (girl scout cookie season!), and I realized that if I wanted to make it to Sam's Club any time in the next few weeks, it needed to be that afternoon.  It was already 4PM though; did I really want to drive all the way to the closest Sam's Club (Bismarck...about 125 miles from the base), shop, and then come right back home?  

Turns out, I did.  And so did Piper.  20 minutes later, we were in the car on our way.  (I know, I'm horrible...taking photos while I drive.  But, the sunlight was awesome and I needed to get a shot for February's Photo A Day project).  

We pulled into Bismarck around 6:15PM, chowed down on some Five Guys, and were in the Sam's Club parking lot by 7:10.  Piper and I loaded up the car with snack food, bulk produce (a HUGE bag of oranges for $6! So much orange juice!), cheese (they eat sooooo much cheese) and a few random things like fine-tipped Sharpies for me (since the kids- Beckett -lost mine), dry-erase markers for the easel they got for Christmas, and a couple super cute cardigans for moi.  

The trunk was so full I had to put the toilet paper and Capri Sonnes in Beck's seat. 
I know I said I wasn't going to buy fruit snacks anymore, but Piper begged me and I just didn't feel like fighting it.  We're just going to treat them like treats rather than snacks.  

I love Sam's Club.  And Costco for that matter.  Either one, I'm not picky.  I would  love them even more if they opened a store in Minot.  I'd shop there every week probably.  One week for snack foods, one week for produce, one week for household items, one week for meat, one week for freezer stuff.  It'd be awesome.  

It's so much easier buying a whole case of applesauce or a huge can of mixed nuts than it is remembering to buy each and every little thing you might need at a regular grocery store.  Yeah yeah yeah, I know...that's what lists are for.  I hate grocery lists.  Especially since I'm usually shopping with Beckett, who loses interest in the airplane and/or car shopping cart about a third of our way through the trip.  Not easy checking a list, looking for sales, and keeping a two year old entertained.  

Do you bulk shop?  Better yet, do you know any higher ups at Sam's Club and/or Costco? Wanna convince them to open up here in Minot, North Dakota?  :)

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