Friday, February 3, 2012

Piper's lunches! Also, my head might explode.

This cold just will not go away.  The whole family has had it at least once (I'm on my second time around now) and it's really starting to piss me off. Go away stuffy nose!  You hear me, sore throat? LEAVE.  You're not welcome here.

Now that that's out of the way, lunches!  I got off easy this week and only had to make Piper lunch twice this week!  Piper's really branching out as far as trying new foods goes, which is super exciting.  She even tasted her tomato soup yesterday at school!  Big steps for my picky little miss.

This was Tuesday's lunch. That white square thing in the upper left corner is a Nutella sandwich on yet another failed loaf of homemade bread (I just can't get it to rise enough) that's cut in half.  The lighting was way off in this photo, sorry.  Hipstamatic was acting up :(.  Anyway, she also had some trail mix, mini triscuits, a gogurt, and colby jack cheese cut with a snowflake cookie cutter. They ended up looking more like a sunshine all stacked up like that, but whatevs.  

And this was Wednesday's lunch!  I tried to pack her a grain-free lunch and see how she liked it, and I think it was a success.  She only brought home some carrots and probably about half the cashews so I was happy.  I packed her a hard-boiled egg, some cashews with Valentine's sprinkles, carrots, and cheese cut with a flower cookie cutter.  

Easy peasy week for me :)  


  1. do you do one or two rises? if so - don't knead the bread too much during the second knead as it will knock too much air out of it. Is your kitchen warm enough? sometimes that's why it won't rise. Also - are you letting it rise for long enough - I know sometimes I'm in a hurry and don't give it very long - you can always leave it out at night and then pop it in the oven the next morning. Also - make sure your oven is REALLY hot when you put the bread in (you can always turn it down a bit halfway through - but if your over is really hot it shocks the yeast and makes it multiply more. (I love bread :) )

    1. I actually gave this cold-rise recipe another go and had success! So exciting :) I was jumping up and down when I pulled it out of the oven lol. Thanks for the tips though, especially about the hot oven! I'll for sure try that this weekend.