Friday, February 10, 2012

Piper's lunches! Also, I have a lot of crap to do.

I just sat down to make a to-do list so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed with all the things I can't let myself forget to do, and I think I'm even more overwhelmed now.  

When did I get so busy?  

The worst part is that all of this has to be done in the next 9 days...ALL OF IT.  Well, except potty training Beck.  That could probably wait, except for the fact that he's ripping his diapers off the second they're wet.  I'm kind of getting tired of having him run into whatever room I'm in butt ass naked like it's no big deal, and then hunting around the house for the diaper he ripped off.  

But hey, look, one thing is crossed off!  Yay lunch post :)

PSST! Velma!  I'm trapped at home during the week and can't ever make it to the post office since it closes before my husband gets home, but I'm going to try my hardest to get there tomorrow morning to send your gift out :D

Monday, Piper had some BBQ Popchips, apple slices with some purple sprinkles on them, gold fish and her Juice Plus vitamins, and a roll I made with some Nutella.  Kinda boring.  

Tuesday and Wednesday, Piper bought lunch, but this was her lunch Thursday.  I packed the other half of her grilled cheese sandwich and some fries from Five Guys (in Bismarck), some raw peas and carrots which she loved, and some apple slices with sprinkles.  I also put a couple of those Wilton's candy decorations that are supposed to be for cupcakes.  They just make lunches so cute with such minimal effort:)

And this was her lunch today!  I cut some strawberries into little hearts (so easy; just cut the stem off with a triangle instead of straight across), made her half a peanut butter sandwich and stuck a love bird cupcake-decoration on it, and then cut some cucumbers into hearts for her as well.  I was planning on just cutting the cucumber into circles, but it was already a little heart shaped, so I just cut a triangle out of the top to finish it off.  She also had a gogurt (up in the top).  

I'm off to tackle SOMETHING on this huge list...

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  1. I love the heart shaped fruits and veggies! So easy, but I'd never have thought of it on my own.