Friday, February 24, 2012

Piper's lunches! Also, being a cookie mom is a lot of work.

I just realized I never did a lunch post last week!  Oops!  I've had an easy couple of weeks lunch-wise, so I'll post the photos of the two lunches I packed last week along with the two I packed this week, and it'll almost make a full week! 

Piper's been buying lunch a lot more lately, which is good in that it means she's trying more foods and branching out from her pickiness.  I feel like if she eats more things at school, I can then incorporate those into meals at home and hopefully make better (healthier) versions of them as well.  We'll see!  

I missed the lunch post last week (and honestly a lot of posts lately) because Girl Scout Cookie season has started!  I'm the troop's Cookie Mom, which means I'm basically in charge of cookie sales for the whole troop.  The parents come to me to get the cookies for their daughter to sell and bring the money back to me so I can have it deposited.  

On top of all that, Piper has decided she wants to sell 1000 boxes of cookies in order to earn an HP mini netbook.  Don't ask me why an almost-six-year-old needs her own netbook, cause I have no clue.  I also don't know how she's going to sell 1000 boxes of cookies.  She's already sold around 200, which is pretty good, considering she has exactly one month left to sell.  

So yeah...lemme know if you want cookies!  I can ship anywhere for an extra $1-2 a box depending on where you are.  

On to the lunches! 

This was Piper's Valentine's Day lunch; uber cheesy and not very cute, but she loved it.  I packed her a strawberry go-gurt, some chocolate cracker/cookie things broken up (can't remember what they're called) with a couple love bird candies, some apples with valentine's sprinkles, a heart shaped cheese quesadilla on top of some apple straws, and some heart shaped turkey pepperonis.  

And this was her lunch last Friday.  I think this might be one of my favorite lunches, mostly because of the green pepper!  I totally sliced it that way on accident, but definitely plan on doing it again, because look how cute that little heart-shaped green pepper is?  I put some matchstick carrots in the middle, and also packed her some mixed nuts and yogurt covered raisins and a piece of rice candy. I made her a pizza on half of an english muffin and packed it on top of some goldfish.  She ate almost everything!  

Piper didn't have school Monday, but Tuesday I decided to try and pack her an 85% Paleo lunch and see how it went over.  I packed her some spiced nuts leftover from a party Monday night (along with a piece of rice candy...not Paleo obviously), baby carrots, green pepper slices, a few homemade chicken "nuggets" (diced up chicken breast that I coated in panko breadcrumbs-the not-Paleo part- and pan-fried in coconut oil), and some apple slices and a few blueberries.  She ate some of the nuts, apples, and a couple carrots.  

Piper said she wasn't that hungry though, and that she did like the lunch, so I was happy.  She ended up staying home sick the next day, so I think if she was feeling better she probably would have eaten more of the lunch.  

Wednesday, she stayed home sick, and she bought lunch today (Ham and Cheese sub...she said she was going to pick the ham off hahaha), but this was her lunch yesterday.  I packed her a cheese quesadilla that I cut into strips and wrote her name and drew a crappy flower with food safe markers onto, some bbq popchips, more spiced nuts and yogurt raisins with some sprinkles for fun, and some carrots.  Oh and another piece of rice candy.  

I ended up giving Beck the last piece in the box and man was that a mistake.  He was hunting around the kitchen for more rice candy for the rest of the morning!  That kid can sniff out treats like a bloodhound. 

Just a quick notes about her lunches: I've had a few people ask me how I keep her lunch from spilling all over her boxes before she sits down to eat it.  

Two things: 

1. I try to pack her lunch high enough so that the lid (or ice pack in her pink box) sits right on top of each little compartment.  That's why I've started putting crackers or whatnot underneath the thin parts of the lunch (quesadillas, sandwich, pizza, etc).  The brown and green boxes have an insert that goes between the lid and the bottom that rests directly on top of the food, so as long as it's packed high enough it stays put.  

2.  If it's something loose, like nuts or raisins, or wet, like apple slices or cucumbers, I usually wrap the silicon cupcake holder that particular food is in with plastic wrap.  It takes two seconds and keeps things nice and neat.  I just take the picture, pull that container out, stick a square of plastic wrap on the top and fold down the sides and plop it right back in the lunch.  It's usually a mess when she gets home, but by then it doesn't matter since she's already eaten and Beck (who usually eats the leftovers when she gets home) could care less how pretty it looks.  

Hope that helps those of you who were wondering!  

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  1. I was just thinking how cute your daughter's lunches are! I wish I put the much effort for my own kids. I got tired of my daughter not eating what I packed for her so now she just eats what is in the cafeteria. It has been working so far :)

    Yeah on 200 boxes!!!!