Monday, January 30, 2012

Weigh in 1/30/2012

I forgot to take a photo of the scale this morning, but I'm down to 205.0 today!  Two pounds lost in two weeks of a mostly-paleo diet (I filled the tub on the left with 46 buttons, so I had already counted the one I lost last week).  Not AMAZING results, but I haven't been doing AMAZING eating-wise, so I wasn't expecting anything AMAZING.  

I'd say last week I ate about 85% paleo...this week, maybe 75%.  I had ramen noodles for lunch Saturday.  I'm not even sure why I did that....I don't even like ramen noodles, and they definitely did not taste good.  Our grocery budget is dwindling and we were almost out of meal-food (just snacks left) so I grabbed ten packages on the last trip to the grocery store to get the kids (and my husband) through the weekend till payday, and for some reason I made myself a package too.  So gross.  But, that's what happens when you get paid on January 12th because payday landed on a Sunday.  Almost three weeks is a longgg pay period, especially when that paycheck is less than $1000.  

(On a side note, we will be paying off ALL of our debt within the next couple weeks (other than my student loans but meh) and I could not be happier about it.  It will mean an extra $600 a month for us, and that's not even counting Brandon's raise from his promotion!  Yayyyy for being able to save for the future :D)

BUT! My husband, pickiest man alive, has lost SIX POUNDS since we started eating paleo.  SIX.  And he's still eating cheese!  He didn't want to tell me so that I wouldn't be hard on myself, but if anything it's motivated me more to ignore those two giant jars of Nutella I bought on crazy-sale ($2.27 for both!) and reach for a handful of cashews instead.  

I wanted to share this infographic I saw on Pinterest:  

Please click on the picture to see it larger, because it's really important information.  

It's stuff like this, fact-based research that completely blows everything we've been taught out of the water, that motivates me even more to make this lifestyle change.  The fact that the biggest portion of our diet, according to the FDA, should be grains, and that they made that decision based on skewed research, absolutely disgusts me.  

Last week I wrote about problems with feeding my kids while my husband and I are eating paleo, and I made a decision yesterday while I was dishing up dinner.  I had baked some lemon-garlic tialpia, sauteed some broccolini, and made some  macaroni and cheese (literally...macaroni noodles and cheese) for the kids.  

I had planned on microwaving some chicken nuggets for them and giving them some carrot sticks along with their macaroni and cheese, but that third tilapia filet was like a slap in the face, so I split that sucker in half, gave the kids a smaller portion of macaroni, and a couple pieces of broccolini.  

Beck ate nothing but the macaroni, but Piper, my pickiest kid, ate one piece of fish and one stalk of broccolini!  

So this is my new plan kid-wise: I'll make them a small portion of either noodles or rice, but that portion will progressively get smaller and smaller.  They'll get whatever veg and meat I've made that night, and before Piper can have anything else to eat (ie fruit or yogurt), she needs to taste everything on her plate.  Beck will do the same when he's old enough to understand.  He's pretty good about eating till he's full and just leaving the rest, so it won't be an issue I don't think. 

I'll be making over their breakfasts and lunches as well; I felt so guilty starting Piper's day with a bowl of Quaker's Instant Oatmeal this morning...just picturing the sugar crash that was inevitable.  Eventually, the majority of their meals will be meats, veg and fruits.  Hopefully.  

Wish me luck, and please let me know if you're in the same boat I am!   I'd love to hear tips on how to get picky eaters to love vegetables and meats.  

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  1. every pound counts!!!! Good luck with keeping it going! You can do it!!!!

    My kids are strange and love veggies! In fact they will eat them first before they touch anything else on their plate! I can barely get my daughter to try new meat dishes though... however she did try the chicken last night and didn't complain! So there is hope!!!!