Monday, January 2, 2012

Weigh in 1/2/12

Welcome to the weigh-in that isn't a weigh-in!

Yeah, there's no way I'm getting on that scale.  I remember all the Reese's bells I ate, all the eggnog I drank, all the full-fat Starbucks drinks I downed.  In particular, I remember taking Piper to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Friday afternoon.

We went to the candy store in the mall first, and I let her make a bag of candy.  Of course, I got some jelly bellies too.  How could I say no to french vanilla, peach, mango, or dr pepper jelly bellies?

Our movie theater sells these huge plastic, reusable buckets for $17.50 at the beginning of the year.  You bring it back with you every time you go see a movie throughout the year, and it only costs $3.50 to fill it up again.  It's a great deal considering a large popcorn costs $7.50, and Piper HAS to have popcorn every time we go to the movies.  Four trips to the theater and we'll have already paid for the bucket in savings...and we definitely go to the movies more than four times a year. We barely even made a dent in this sucker though; Beck was completely enthralled with the thing when we got home hahaha!  He carried it around, munching handful after handful till bedtime.  

After the movie, we went to Walmart so I could stock up on produce for my juice fast.  We also got a few cute Christmas decorations for next year, and school lunch supplies since Piper goes back to school Tuesday.  

And this is what I've been doing so far this week!  I started yesterday and did great all day till dinner.  I caved and ate leftover turkey meatballs (with a sweet and sour sauce I made) and green beans.  Not horrible, but not part of the juice fast.  I feel like if I stick to one meal or two snacks and juice the rest of the day, I'll still do great.  We'll see though :)  

This was lunch...the kids had cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread (which I made yesterday), applesauce (which I'm going to make once we use all ours up), and pretzel sticks.  Piper didn't like her pretzels, so she asked if she could have "something else healthy." I'm so glad she's on board with all these changes...even though we had a rather hilarious incident while grocery shopping.  I told her I needed some yeast for the bread I was going to make, and she said, "Mom! Why do you have to make EVERYTHING healthy now? Now I can't have normal juice OR normal bread!" I laughed so hard people were staring at me.  

I had that beautiful cup of juice you see in the foreground there; beets, red apples, watermelon, cranberries, pomegranite, and a ton of spinach.  So good, and so good for me.  

Now if you'll excuse me, I have about 6 more loads of laundry to do today.  

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