Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scotch Eggs!

Last week, I made a recipe that caught my eye in Melissa Joulwan's book Well Fed (highly recommended, btw): Scotch Eggs.

I'm really bad about making breakfast for myself.  On school days, I'm usually too focused on getting Piper to eat SOMETHING and packing her lunch to cook myself some eggs or whatnot.  On the weekends, I sleep in too late and wake up starving, so the last thing I want to do is scramble eggs and fry bacon or sausage.  So this recipe for Scotch Eggs had instant appeal to me: easy, and I can make them in advance for a quick breakfast.  

You can find Melissa's recipe here (or in Well Fed), but they're really simple to make.  

First things first, you know how to boil an egg, right?  I only just recently perfected egg-boiling...for the longest time I just boiled those babies for 12 minutes and called it good.  Now, however, my boiled eggs are soft and squishy and delicious with beautiful yellow yolks, instead of those weird textured, sometimes green yolked things I used to call boiled eggs.  

Step 1: Completely submerge your eggs in water and bring to a rolling boil (I might have snapped this photo a few seconds too early). 
Step 2: Turn off the burner.  Remove your pan from the heat source if your burners take a while to cool down (mine are gas, so they don't).  
Step 3: Cover that pot with a lid. 
Step 4: Leave those puppies alone for 10 minutes.  
Step 5:  (no picture, sorry) Run the eggs under cold water for a good 3-5 minutes to stop them from cooking.  The eggs should be cold when you go to peel them.  Not like, refrigerator cold, but not warm either.  

And that's it! Perfectly boiled eggs :)

Now, to turn those eggs into a protein packed breakfast or snack, we're gonna wrap them in sausage.  Yep, sausage.  

 I didn't get a photo of the wrapping process (cause it's a two-hand job and I don't love you guys enough to get pork sausage all over my iPhone), but it's really simple.  

Split your sausage into enough portions for each boiled egg that you have. I had about a pound of sausage (which I bought from my grocery store's meat section...so it was ground and seasoned in house.  No jimmy dean here.) and I split it into four sections for my four eggs. 

Take one section and flatten it into the palm of your hand like a big ole sausage pancake.  Grab a peeled egg and plop that baby right in the middle.  Then, just wrap the sausage around the egg, pinching the seals closed.  It's kind of like making stuffed cookies, if any of you have made those before.  

When you've got all your eggs all nestled in their little sausage homes, stick them on a foil-lined (to save on cleanup later) greased cookie sheet (I just spread a stick of butter where I planned on putting the Scotch Eggs) and pop them in the oven.  

Bake them for about 20-25 minutes at 375. You can also pan-fry them and then finish them off in the oven, but mine got a crispy enough crust for my tastes so the oven worked just fine for me.  


I've been eating mine with a piece of fruit in the mornings. Super yummy and WAY filling.  

I will say this: if someone in your family doesn't like boiled eggs, do NOT reheat these around them.  My husband can't stand the smell of boiled eggs period, and these are way more intense than just a typical boiled egg for some reason.  Even my daughter, who loves a good hardboiled egg, was gagging when I warmed one up the other day.  So weird.  They taste delicious reheated, but yeah...pretty boiled-eggy-smelly.  

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