Friday, January 13, 2012

Piper's lunches!

I had an easy week this week, since Piper bought lunch twice!  Woohoo!  

This week has been all about trying new things; for some reason, Piper has become a LOT more willing to sample new foods, especially if I tell her why it's good for her and/or she helped to make it.  Can I just say I did a little happy dance when she ate a whole handful of kale chips?  Thrilling.  

On to the lunches! 

This is what Piper ate Tuesday (she bought lunch on Monday): leftovers from dinner the night before. She begged for them, and I was happy to oblige. Especially since Monday night was the first time I'd gotten her to actually eat chicken that wasn't in a nugget form.  She had almonds with a few marshmallows, macaroni and cheese, panko-crusted chicken breast chunks, and kale chips.  So awesome.  

Thursday (she bought lunch Wednesday too), Piper had one of the dreaded Uncrustables.  I balanced it out with a muffin I made from leftover juice-pulp...they actually came out pretty good, and both kids love them!  I'll post a recipe for them later on in the week if you guys are interested :).  I also packed her some chex and yogurt raisins, an applesauce tub, and a string cheese sliced up.  

And this is today's lunch! I'm hoping her culinary curiousity will continue today, cause she does NOT like strawberries and I've never gotten her to eat mango, peach or blueberries.  Maybe she'll sit next to some fruit-scarfing kid and they'll use the wonders of peer pressure to get her to try her fruit.  We'll see. 

She's got a slice of homemade banana nut bread, some carrots, frozen strawberries, blueberries, mango and peach, and some cinnamon tortilla chips.  Fingers crossed nothing comes back!  


  1. sophie, can you come make my lunch every day? :) where did you get the cinnamon tortilla chips? Or did you make them?

    1. I didn't make them...just bought them at the commissary. I'm sure you could make them easily though! My parents used to fry corn tortillas all the time to make chips; they'd toss them with salt but cinnamon and a little sugar would be awesome!

      I found this easy recipe: I think I'll have to try it for a snack one weekend! The kids would dig it for sure.