Friday, January 6, 2012

Piper's lunches!

Piper went back to school this past Tuesday, so it's time for another lunch post!

Monday, I made Piper a peanut butter sandwich on honey-wheat bread that I made MYSELF.  She also had a few sour cream and onion pop chips, some almonds and chocolate chips, a mini banana (which are the cutest things I've ever seen), and some fruit nuggets.  Those fruit nuggets are awesome.  The kids both love fruit snacks, so I've been looking for a better option than Kellog's. These still have corn syrup in them, but they're made with more fruit than what we usually buy, so I feel better about them.  They're hard on the outside too, almost like they're more a little treat than a snack (which is totally fine with me...I'd rather give them these than a bag of skittles!).  I got them at Walmart.  

Wednesday, Piper bought lunch, but this is what she had on Thursday.  We met an old friend of mine from high school at the indoor playground on base and had pizza for dinner; Piper begged for a slice for lunch the next day.  In addition to the pizza, she had some cinnamon apple straws, another mini banana, some watermelon, and mini nilla wafers.

And this is what she had today!  When we were grocery shopping (and Piper had her hilarous meltdown over all the new healthy food), she begged me with all her little five year old might to buy these Uncrustables sandwiches.  The ONLY reason I agreed (have you looked at the ingredients in those things? Not to mention the nutritional content) is because I figured I could use this to sway her to try the homemade jelly/jam I plan on making this summer.  She's a very picky little girl and often has confusing tastes (she'll eat hamburgers, tacos, and chicken nuggets, but no other meats of any kind whatsoever.  She loves pizza and will usually eat lasagna, but won't touch spaghetti sauce).  If she eats this, however, it should be fairly simple for me to get her to eat other jams and jellies.

Along with the horrible excuse for a sandwich, I packed her some chex, apple slices, string cheese that I diced up, and some smores goldish for a little treat.  

I'm getting kind of bored with her lunches lately...probably because we're in between holidays and I don't have any cute stuff to shove in there.  I think I need to go shopping for supplies :)

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