Friday, January 20, 2012

Piper's lunches! Also, where have I been all week?


So, it's Friday, and this is my first blog all week.  Oops!  Brandon came home Sunday night and we spent Monday and Tuesday relaxing and getting his stuff together and ready for Airman Leadership School (ALS).  We really just took it easy, since we knew once he started school on Wednesday, the majority of his free time would be spent doing homework.  We napped each day, watched tons of 30 Rock, and made plans for our future.  

But!  Brandon's started ALS now, and so it's time to find a new routine.  I'm pretty much stuck at home during the day M-F now, since we only have one car.  It's a long complicated reason why I can't drive him to class and then pick him up, but the biggest part of that reason is that he's not allowed to have his iPhone on him when he's at school, and it's too cold for him to leave it in the car while he's in class (it was -40 yesterday with windchill!!).  Without his phone, he has no way to contact me when it's time to be picked up! 

It's not a big deal though, cause it just gives me more time to focus on myself, and less time to be tempted by Big Macs or Reese's Fast Break bars or Caramel Frappucinos on trips to town.  I just need to figure out a new schedule for myself and the kids that will allow for plenty of blogging time, since I still would really love for this blog to see bigger and better things. 

Now that that's all out of the way, it's time for the lunches!  

Monday, Piper had two mini heart-shaped peanut butter sandwiches, carrots, apple slices, and some leftover popcorn from the movies Sunday (we went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D...note to self: even at 5, Piper does NOT do well with movies she's already seen. Squirmy McSquirmypants).  I added a couple eyes to her sandwich with some peanut butter and drew on a nose and a mouth with a food-safe marker.  

Tuesday, Piper had some leftover macaroni and cheese (from the last box of Kraft in the house!), apples with a bunch of peanut butter to dip them in (I added some Valentine's sprinkles to the peanut butter just for fun), and heart shaped cheese slices with some mini Triscuits.  Have you seen the mini Triscuits yet?  Piper just loves Triscuits in general, and I knew these would be perfect for her lunches, so I grabbed a box at the grocery store this week.

Wednesday, Piper bought lunch (chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes :D), but this is what she had Thursday.  I made her a little Nutella sandwich on this mini-loaf of whole wheat bread I bought from the bakery section at the grocery store in town (no weird ingredients whatsoever) and cut it into triangles.  She also had some Spongebob cheez-nips (the kids saw them at the store and they were on sale for $1.00...meh), some raisins with Valentine's sprinkles, a few BBQ popchips, and three strawberry fig newtons.  Beck ended up eating the fig newtons, half the raisins, and half the popchips when she came home from school!  He loves finishing her lunches.  

And this was today's disaster.  I was nervous about it to begin with, since I was packing some of the chicken we roasted in the crock pot yesterday AND frozen peas.  She just walked in the door and said, "MOM!  Please don't ever pack me a lunch like that again, cause it was all GOOEY!" I'm guessing the peas gave off some moisture as they thawed, and didn't stay put in their little square home.  Poor kid.  She ate her babybel and whatever macaroni wasn't covered in mushy goldfish.  I told her she could have just bought lunch, but she said there wasn't enough food that she liked in the lunch to fill her up either :( I made her a sandwich and some crackers and apples now though, so she'll live.  Lesson learned:  frozen vegetables and/or fruits get packed in a separate container with a lid! 

I'll be back Saturday with my roundup of the January photo challenge, Monday with a weigh-in post (that I'm UBER excited for), and Tuesday with a new feature: Tasty Tuesday!  This week is my first week in my new Paleo lifestyle, and as I've said before, we're cutting out a LOT of processed foods from our diet, so I thought it'd be fun to share some yummy recipes I've tried or that I want to try!

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