Friday, January 27, 2012

Piper's lunches! Also, we eat a lot of food.

It turns out that we ate out a lot more than I thought, cause now that we're not, we are plowing through the groceries like crazyyyy!  I've seriously been to the grocery store for one thing or another 5 times in the last 14 days, and I kid you not I'm about to go again tomorrow.  Ridiculous!  But yep, we're almost out of the bread I bought for Piper's lunches, milk, eggs, and produce.  So nuts.  Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to a trip to Bismarck (closest city to us) for more reasons than one.

Those reasons being:

1.  I hate this place, and Bismarck, even though it's only an hour and a half away, feels like it's a whole new world compared to Minot and all it's rude drivers/parkers and lack of entertainment for the entire family.

2.  I am seriously going stir-crazy being trapped in the house Monday-Friday from 7-4.  Losing. My. Mind.

3.  There's a SAM'S CLUB in Bismarck!!  Huge boxes of cheez-its!  Massive bags of Cinnamon Apple Straws!  120 dishwasher tablet thingies for $12!  50 lbs of dog food for $29!  Insane amounts of lettuce for $3!  I'm very, very, VERY excited for this trip, whenever it happens.

We're basically waiting for a weekend that Brandon doesn't have a crap-ton of homework to do AND the roads aren't scary icy and/or snowy.  Which shouldn't be a problem, since all the snow we DID have melted yesterday.  We did get another inch or two last night, but meh.  Nothing compared to the 5 feet of snow I had to wade through to inspect our house when we moved here last January.

All that is to say that I'm working with limited materials this week, so there's a lot of similarity in this week's lunches.  Whew!  On to the lunches :)

Piper had a stomach ache this weekend (that she ever-so-kindly passed on to me), and she woke up Monday feeling icky still, so she stayed home. This is her lunch from Thursday!  I saw a pin floating around on Pinterest the other day of a sandwich with a heart cut-out and just loved it, so I made her a Nutella sandwich with a star cut-out and sprinkled some of the Valentine's sprinkles I had in the center.  Under the sandwich is a little tub of peanut butter for her to dip her apple slices in.  She also had some raisins and dried dates, and a few bbq popchips :)

Wednesday, Piper had some matchstick carrots, a hard-boiled egg, an oreo (mostly just to keep the egg and carrots from sliding around), mini Triscuits and cheese, a Sunbutter sandwich, and some cinnamon apple straws. She ate everything but the carrots (she at prob 1/3 of them) and a few triscuits, so score!  

Thursday, I toasted a Cinnamon Toast Eggo and spread some peanut butter between them to make two mini sandwiches.  She also had some carrots, another boiled egg (she requested another one :D), and some cashews and raisins with some sprinkles to make it look pretty.  

And this is today. Dark and boring.  Sorry Piper!  She had another Nutella sandwich cut into triangles, some marshmallows and dried dates, Spongebob cheez-nips, and some mini triscuits with a heart cut out of fruit leather. She doens't like the fruit leather, but I figured I'd try again and see if she'd eat just a bite out of it, not knowing it was the same thing she tried last week. Sneaky sneaky.  

Hope you all had a lovely week!  I'll be back tomorrow with the roundup of the Instagram photo challenge :)

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