Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Man I suck.

With Brandon's crazy schedule, I feel like I live two lives: Sophie without Brandon, and Sophie with Brandon.  The kids and I have a routine when he's gone, and for the most part, things go smoothly.  I have a general time frame I do things...after I get Piper to school and Beck fed, I usually hop on the computer to catch up on blog reading and/or blogging while Beck plays.  I make us lunch in a couple hours, then put Beck down for a nap and sit down to get some crocheting done while I watch Netflix or DVR'd shows.  Around 3, I start cleaning up the kitchen (cause let's be honest, my kitchen ALWAYS needs to be cleaned) so I can watch out the window for Piper's bus.  Once Piper gets home, I usually continue to do some sort of chore and help her get her homework done. Then it's dinner and playtime before the kids go to bed, after which I'm either on the computer again or back in the living room crocheting.  Pretty calm, flexible schedule...just how I like it. 

However, when Brandon's home, all that goes out the window.  I hardly ever get on the computer when Brandon is home, so my blogging is seriously neglected and I end up with over 100 posts in google reader to catch up on by the time he trips out again.  I rarely crochet when he's home too, since we snuggle or play a game while we watch tv or movies, and it's too hard to crochet while snuggling or playing.  We spend the day talking about what we're going to do today, and either end up doing absolutely nothing or going to town for most of the day.  So while I of course love having my husband home, I hate how unproductive it makes me feel.  

I'm telling you all this to let you know that if I'm ever silent in blog-land for a few days with no notice, it's usually because my husband is home and we're busy being a little family of four.  :) 


I missed my weigh-in Monday post, which honestly was more of a mental choice rather than an accident. I'm back up to 206.  Major sad face.  All that stress and emotional eating (and the mint m&ms Santa brought me) really took their toll and I gained five pounds in about 3 weeks.  Poopy.  

I'm 100% ready to switch to a Paleo lifestyle however, and will be grocery shopping appropriately this weekend.  I've actually been easing myself into it the past couple days...the other night we had panko chicken, kale chips and homemade macaroni and cheese, and while I know the panko breadcrumbs are not paleo, I skipped the mac and cheese and opted for a bigger pile of kale instead.  

Brandon and I are thinking about buying a quarter of a cow with some of our tax return (as long as we get enough back), and I am beyond excited about it. Grass fed beef!  180 lbs of it!  Steaks! Roasts! Ground beef! Very exciting, especially since we typically can't afford to buy much more than ground beef at the commissary.  Every once in a while I'll buy a flank steak to make a beef stirfry, but we eat chicken more than any other protein source.  Buying the cow will also make room in our grocery budget for fish and more organic produce, which is super exciting as well.  

Since today is WIP Wednesday, I should technically be posting about crocheting, butttttttt....I haven't been doing very much of it lately.  So! I'll post about another WIP: me!  

I've never really felt comfortable with my style; from the clothes I wear to my hairstyles, I've never felt like I have a cohesive look, if that makes sense.  I tend to just shop and grab whatever I like that particular day, not really thinking about how it fits in with the rest of my wardrobe. As a result, I have shirts that could easily be worn by someone 10 years older than me hanging right next to shirts someone 10 years younger than me could wear.  I have flowery dresses hanging next to vintage t shirts and hoodies.  I've had a similar hair cut for years, and I have at least two pairs of shoes I've owned since before I even met Brandon.  

I've decided that while I'm working on making over my body (ie, weightloss), I'm going to make over my style as well.  Yesterday, I took the first step!  I've been dreaming of fringe bangs for a while now, but I got comfortable with my boring hair style (albeit an exciting color).  We had an appt for Piper with a friend of ours, and I just decided to go for it.  She was all for it, so that helped confirm the decision. And I'm so glad I did!  

Piper was growing her hair out, but I think she got tired of me having to brush all the tangles out every morning, so she wanted hers chopped off again.  She actually said, "I want Amber to cut off as much as she can," but I made an executive decision and decided to settle for a few inches instead :).  

I really love my new hair cut, and am super excited to see what it looks like curly too!  

Now to decide what color to dye my hair next....I'm either going to go back to purple or try a new color.  Suggestions?  

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