Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Photo Challenge Week Two

I'm still having a lot of fun with this photo challenge over on Instagram!  It's giving me a new way to be creative, and helping me to 'meet' lots of really cool people!  For sure join us if you haven't already (and you have an iPhone or iPod).  It's really cool searching the tag #janphotoaday and catching a glimpse into thousands of people's lives! 

I snapped this as we were walking into the community center here on base.  The sky was so blue and the clouds were just perfect....too bad it was like 5 degrees that day.  So cold!  

My daily routine, at least on school days.  Let Izzie outside, turn cartoons on to distract Beck, guzzle 1 liter of water, and get Piper out the door to school.  Fun times.  

Day 10 was Childhood, but for some reason I deleted this pic off my phone before I could add the little black tape label.  Oh well! The photo on the left is my dad and his mom and me...I seriously cannot get over how young my dad looks!  Top right is my sister and me pretending to be Karate Kid...she was so dang cute.  And the bottom right photo is of my grandparents on my mom's side and me, celebrating their anniversary.  

Bed!  Brandon cleaned our room the other day and I am a zillion times thankful...BUT, Beck has already pretty much destroyed it.  He loves the hang out on our bed and watch cartoons, which is fine, except he brings like eight toys up there everytime he does it.  So by the time I crawl into bed, I throw every matchbox car, stuffed animal, and plastic piece of pizza onto the floor, cause I'm sleepy obviously.  

Moi.  I realized when I was putting together our Shutterfly book to document last year that I have very few photos of myself.  Gonna fix that this year.  

Oh my bag.  I have a love-hate relationship with purses.  I love that they can hold so many things, but I hate that they never stay on my shoulder when I'm lugging a 30 lb two year old and/or shopping bags.  Anyway, this is what is currently in my bag, starting at the top left corner:

Cookie Mom info packet for Girl Scout Cookies, grocery list, notebook for the kids to color in, crayons for the kids to color with, pens and a sharpee, the rest of a pink lemonade hard candy twist thing from Piper's movie treats a week or so ago, my totally gorgeous blue planner, two tubes of my favorite lipgloss ever and a tube of carmex for the boy, a diaper for Becks, gum, my wallet, a matchbox car and set of tweezers (no clue so don't even ask), stamps from Marketplace food and cards to put those stamps on (one full card gets you $1 off gas!), AND my gloves.  Whew.  

I'm in a book club with some friends and friends of friends on facebook, and this is the first book we're reading!  I think it was the perfect choice, since it's sort of about a book club as well!  I'm really enjoying it so far.  

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