Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Photo Challenge Week Three

Gonna jump right into the photos today cause I'm about to run out the door to take Piper to see Arthur Christmas at the theater here on base :)

Happiness!  This photo prompt came on the perfect day: Brandon's first day home for ALS!  He'll be home for six weeks, and I'm still doing the happy dance whenever I realize he doesn't have to leave anytime soon.  

Morning!  I'm starting the day with a cup (or two) of herbal tea and a lot of far I can really notice a difference with my energy levels throughout the day!  

Gotta chug that water, man.  I always struggle with getting enough water, so I've been really making an effort to drink at least three of these bottles a day (96 oz).  Beck has decided he loves this water bottle too though, so I have to hide it from him before he can hide it from me!  

I snuck out Monday and did a little thrifting...these were the goodies I bought!  I got all this and 10 books for the kids for $12. Super stoked!  

My new sweet.  Paleo is not hard for me at all...I honestly don't miss dairy or grains one single bit.  I do, however, miss sweets.  Baked goods, ice cream, chocolate...anything.  Really looking forward to beating this sugar addiction.  

Aw :)  He'd kill me if he found out I even took this picture, but I just love him to pieces.  Especially when he's laughing so loud at 30 Rock that it scares the dog.  

Beck hates me now that Brandon is home.  Seriously.  He was literally RUNNING away from me while I was trying to wrap him up in his towel after a bath today.  

I can't believe there's only 9 more days of this challenge! What am I gonna do for prompts after this? hahaha :)  

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend; I'm off to sip a diet coke and lust after Piper's candy at a movie now.  I'll be back Monday with a weigh-in post!  

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