Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

I just now, at 8:11PM realized today is Wednesday, and that I was supposed to get one of these posts up today.

One of the many things I dislike about my husband's insane schedule is that I lose all track of time/days of the week when he is home.  When he's at work, the kids and I have a routine, but when he's here, that routine goes straight out the window.  Case in point: I completely forgot to put Piper's lunchbox in her backpack yesterday morning, because he asked me to make some juice just as I was putting a capri sonne in her lunchbox.  I got distracted, and missed a crucial step in my daily routine.  She came home all upset because she had to buy lunch and it was Sloppy Joes or PB& J sandwiches, and she doesn't like either of those things.  It was the end of the world to a picky kindergartner.

Anyway, today is Wednesday, and I am exhausted.  Brandon was finally home for four days (he's only been getting two days off between the last three four-day long tours) and yesterday was the only day I didn't burn over 3000 calories.  Just for perspective, I usually burn around 2100.  A whole lot of walking, lugging a heavy two year old and/or shopping bags, and very little sitting and/or crocheting.  Which makes me sad, because Christmas is 11 days away and I have insane amounts of work left on the kids' blankets.  I know it's not a big deal if they're done in time...they won't care.  They probably won't even pay attention to them Christmas morning even if I do get them done in time, with all the toys they're getting.  But I really, really, really wanted them to be, for more reasons than one.

Obviously I want them to be done by Christmas so they can have them as a Christmas present.  But more than that, I want them to be done because I had planned for them to be; I have been telling myself for the last few weeks that they'd be done so that after Christmas I could be 100% crocheting for my business.  New hat designs, ready-to-ship items, new photography props.   I love crocheting for my kids (and for friends and family), but honestly I'm ready to just focus on my business, and I can't do that with these two blankets looming over my head.

So, I'm hooking away at these squares any chance I get...secretly wishing every time I pull them out of their tubs that little elves have magically crocheted squares for me overnight, feeling slightly depressed when I realize how much work I have left to do and how little time I have to do it.  Not good feelings to have when I'm crocheting something for my kids, so I'm hoping they go away soon.  The blankets are gorgeous, and I really am excited to see the kids all snuggled underneath them :) I just wish I could see them snuggled now!


Off to hook more squares...wish me luck.

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