Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Since one of the main focuses of this blog is my business and crocheting, I decided to start a Work In Progress Wednesday!  I'll share photos of what I currently have on the hook and/or sneak peeks at new items for the shop!

At the moment, I have a lot going on crochet-wise.  Well, who am I kidding, I always have a lot going on crochet-wise!  

First up are my kids' Christmas presents.  I decided to make them each a new blanket for Christmas a few months ago, since Beck has long outgrown his baby blanket and Piper's giant granny square is now more of a lap blanket for her (which is totally fine).  I chose colors that fit into their room decor, so they could use them as a coverlet for their comforters if they wanted.  I'm using the Sunburst Granny square pattern, which is also the same pattern I use for the Granny Square Cowls available here.  I obviously have a lot of work left; I would like each blanket to have 40 squares (8x5), but I don't know if I'm going to be able to get that many done by Christmas.  Beck's only has 13 done (I had to wait on more yarn...couldn't find what I needed here so my mom sent some to me) and Piper's has 20 done.  Might be a race to the finish line!  

I really love both blankets though; Piper's always photographs weird but it's really beautiful in person, I promise!  Hopefully they like them:)


 On the business end of things, I've got a Soft Open Crocheted Throw Blanket on the hook that I'm hoping to finish up today, and this gorgeous Hooded Cowl that's almost done for my friend Amber (yep, the same Amber that's donated two prizes for our giveaway!  Make sure you go enter...there's only a couple entries so far so your odds are really great!  Let me know if you have any questions:)

Anyway, that's what I'm working on this week...hopefully I'll be back on Friday with a Finished Project post!  :)

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