Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday-Handmade Christmas edition!

This week, I decided to do a little spotlight on all the handmade gifts I gave this year!  I'm hoping to get started on presents early next year in order to give a little something special to all our loved ones instead of just a few.  Someone remind me to get started in June! :)

I still haven't gotten decent photos of the kids' blankets, but I'm hoping for a little sunshine tomorrow so I can snap a few.  Here's what I have though:

The top photo is what I had done four days before Christmas...I added another twelve squares and the border in three days.  Insane.  My wrist is still recovering.  So much crocheting! 

The next photo is her blanket all done. I chose a simple chain-loop border...I originally wanted to do one that had flowers sewn onto it, but time.  

Beck's blanket was such a joy to work on.  I loved both of them, of course (same pattern and all) but I really, really, REALLY love the colors on his blanket.  I love the grey, and the sapphire blue is my all-time favorite shade of Vanna's Choice.  It's so calming and exciting all at the same time.  

Beck was still awake the night I finished his, and kept climbing up into my lap while I was working on his border.  When it was done, I threw it over both of us and we snuggled for about two seconds, when he decided he'd rather play peek-a-boo.  I think this is my new favorite photo of him :)

My husband's squadron has a spouse's group that I've been involved with for a few months; I really look forward to our monthly get-togethers and I love the volunteering and doing stuff for our hubbies!  This month, we had an ornament exchange, and I was oh so excited to crochet an ornament!  Eventually, I'll have time to make a whole slew of them for my own tree, but for now, I'll settle for this one.  I used this pattern and will definitely be using it again.  I did end up adding a stem, but didn't get a photo before I took it to the party.  My mom suggested using cinnamon sticks for a stem; I think I might try that next time!

And finally, I made a little stocking for Piper's teacher :).  I very loosely followed this pattern from Lionbrand...I made the medium sized stocking and changed colors for the heel.  I wish I had changed it for the toe too, but I think it came out really cute!  I stuck a Barnes & Noble gift card inside with a note thanking her for the difference she's already made in Piper's life this year.  We also gave her some white-chocolate dipped pretzels in a mason jar. I couldn't find the lid (I've had this jar for a while), so I just covered it with plastic wrap and tied some yarn around the rim.

I really did love giving what few handmade Christmas presents I did give this year, and would love to give even more next year!

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