Monday, December 5, 2011

Weigh in 12/5/2011

Woo hoo!  I'm down 1.2 pounds this week.  Honestly, it probably could have been more if I ate better this week.  I tried to balance out my cheating diet-wise with more activity, and it seems like it worked somewhat (since I still lost weight).

My husband and I were talking about the holidays and how hard it is to lose weight now since all I wanna do is bake cookies and eat beef stew and mashed potatoes.  We basically decided (since he's trying to lose a little weight too) we'd be proud of ourselves if we made it through Christmas the same weight or down a little.  We're not big partiers so New Years doesn't equal crazy amounts of alcohol for us, so it's pretty much Christmas and the week after we have to worry about (with leftovers and candy from Santa and such).

I'm thinking about trying the Paleo diet after the holidays.  Jess from irocksowhat has been raving about it, and I did a little research last night.  If you haven't heard of Paleo, it's more a way of life than a fad diet.  You basically eat what our ancestors would have eaten (but obviously the modern version); you eat what your body was built to process and digest.  Lean meats, eggs, fruit, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, beans...even bacon!  Have any of you tried the Paleo diet?  Did you love it? Hate it?  Any tips or recipes?  Please share!

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