Monday, December 19, 2011

Weigh in 12/19/11

Well, I did it! One week of a juice fast down :)  I didn't stick to it nearly as well as I had originally wanted to, especially after the insanely stressful weekend I had, but I still lost 3.4 lbs! Very exciting. I'm going to stick with it this week and see if I can get under 200 before Christmas.

I know I can do it; this whole juice fast experience has really made me aware of how much comfort eating I do.  I'm not hungry while juicing, but I still reach for food.  I'm going to try and be stronger this week and see how that helps.

I have noticed a few detox symptoms, which motivates me that much more to do this the right way. I've had a few headaches and am breaking out like crazy on my chin.  All those nasty toxins are leaving my body...woohoo!

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