Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weigh in 12/12/11...a day late :)

Man, these past two days have been ridiculously busy! I've hit over a 3000 calorie burn both yesterday and the day before!  Tons of shopping and walking around...and not much else.  

I was up this week again, but I think it's just because I started my period yesterday.  Bloating and all that jazz.  I weighed myself this morning and I was already back down to 203.2 again (same weight as last Monday) so I'm sure next Monday's weigh-in will be a lot better.  

I'm SUPER excited to see Monday's weight, because I started a juice fast!  It's not really a fast...since I'm definitely in-taking calories, but anyway :)  I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I was seriously motivated to make some huge changes in my family's diet.  The film is about an Australian named Joe Cross who is severely unhealthy and overweight. After doing lots of research and getting doctor's approval and supervision (weekly blood level checks), he embarks on a 60-day juice fast, aiming to rid his body of all of the toxins and other yucky stuff he'd been ingesting for years.  It's a really great film and is available on Netflix to watch instantly. Highly recommended. 

The idea is to supercharge your system with fresh fruit and vegetable juice to kind of give your body a reboot.  You retrain your body to crave fruits and vegetables instead of McDonald's and Diet Coke, while clearing out the remnants of all that processed crappy food at the same time.  

When my husband came home from the missile fields the next day, I told him all about this film and how badly I wanted to try this juice fast.  I was already planning on adopting a Paleo diet after the holidays (so I could ease myself into it) and this just seemed like the perfect way to jump-start the transition. Surprisingly, he was all for it!  Sunday, my daughter and I headed to town on a mission: to find the best juicer we could find in Minot, North Dakota.  

After stops at Target, Sears, JCPenney, Herbergers, and Menards, we FINALLY found a juicer with good reviews at freaking Walmart.  I hate that place.  It's not even all about what they stand for and what they do to small businesses....I really just hate going there.  There's always way too many people who turn into aisle-hogging cart pushers and it just drives me insane.  

Anyway, we ended up buying this juicer, and so far I really love it.  Piper and I headed to MarketPlace Foods and stocked up on produce right after.  We spent $99.00 on the juicer and $77.25 on produce, which will probably be enough for Brandon and I both for five days.  Not too bad, considering it's most of what we're eating. 

Brandon and I started our juice fast yesterday and have only had one mishap so far; our first batch of Green juice had wayyyyy too much celery. I had to choke it down and Brandon couldn't even drink half of it.  Everything else has been really good though!  

Breakfast yesterday was delish!  3 oranges, 7 huge carrots and 2 red apples. 

This was our Green juice...ew.  A ton of spinach, 4-5 leaves of kale, a bunch of turnip greens, three green apples, two cucumbers, a green pepper, about an inch of fresh ginger, and an entire thing of celery.  Honestly, if it had half the celery it would have been good.  Just way too much of an icky aftertaste.  

Dinner was our favorite so far, and Brandon requested it for lunch today.  Two huge red apples, 2 beets, a half pint of blackberries and a ton of spinach. So good.  I think I might add some radishes and cranberries today.  

And this was my breakfast!  A mug of black tea (since I can't kick that caffeine addiction cold turkey) and pineapple, orange, pear and carrot juice! So good.  

Honestly, I haven't been hungry.  We did get Subway (club on wheat with no cheese, tons of veggies and vinegar and oil) for lunch yesterday since we were out and about and hungry, but I think if we had been home I would have been fine with just another juice.  We plan on making the majority of our meals juice, with a healthy lunch and/or dinner on the days we want one.  I plan on continuing this "fast" as long as possible, but at least until Christmas eve.  We're going to our friends' house so I fully plan on enjoying dinner there, but I'll load up my plate with veggies and ham rather than mashed potatoes and dinner rolls.  

I'll probably continue to juice every morning for the foreseeable future; it's a great way to kick-start my day and with a Paleo diet, it'll give me a good breakfast without grains!  Now that we've tasted fresh apple and orange juice, I'll never buy Tropicana or Treetop again.  Piper loved the fresh apple juice I made her yesterday, which I was really excited about.  Now I can sneak all these awesome veggies into their juice and they'll just think they're drinking fruit juice!  Super exciting :) 


  1. I bought a juicer about a month back and really love the fresh juice taste. My absolute fave is pomegranate, raspberries, blackberries and an apple. Prob not so great with all the sugars but tastes soooo good

  2. That does sounds delicious! I think I'm going to pick up a couple pomegranates when I stock back up tomorrow :)