Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weigh in 11/28/11

I meant to get this post up on Monday, but I obviously didn't.  Brandon (my husband) came home from work that afternoon, and since he was only going to be home Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving again today, I mostly just focused on spending time with him :) 

So, I'm once again trying to lose weight.  I'm actually succeeding this time though, which is thrilling to me.  I started at 211ish about a month and a half ago (I think) and have lost about 7 lbs total.  Super exciting! 

I'm finally doing it the right way, which is why I think it's working.  I bought myself a BodyMedia FIT armband which has helped tremendously.  I wear it 24/7 (except in the shower) and it monitors my calorie burn and sleep patterns, so I know *exactly* how many calories I'm allowed to eat each day in order to maintain my calorie defecit goal.  It's really interesting, and I've learned a lot about my body and the way it works. 

For example, slow and steady exercise burns more calories for me than intense workouts.  I burned over 3000 calories just on Thanksgiving!  Considering my daily calorie burn goal is 2200, that's *insane*!  I burn a lot more calories going shoppng for two hours than I ever do jogging on my treadmill at home.  Which is great for me, since I really struggle with finding the time in the day to exercise.  Instead, I've just been trying to be more active in general throughout the day.  I clean more (which is great in and of itself), I carry Beckett more often and throw him around a lot on our bed, I take longer on shopping trips and try to walk faster, etc.  I'm sure once I've lost 20 lbs or so, I'll actually need the jumpstart that regular exercise gives, but for now, this is working for me.

I would love to get back down to 160 lbs, but really, I just want to be comfortable with my body again.  Two kids and serious depression has wrecked my body and my self esteem.  I would be so happy if I could be back in Medium shirts and size 10 pants again.  I know I'm never going to weigh 120 lbs; my body just wasn't built like that. I just don't want to have a tummy anymore, and I really want to be able to wear cuter clothes without having to worry about whether or not I look fat in them. 

Even though I've only lost 7 lbs so far, I've already gone down a shirt and a pant size, which makes me beyond happy.  I'm not depriving myself of anything, just eating less of it and budgeting for it calorie-wise.  I'm not starving myself; if anything, I'm eating MORE now since a 200-calorie spinach salad for lunch doesn't exactly make hitting a 1700 calorie intake goal easy.  I'm just generally trying to be a healthier version of myself, and it's working out fabulously. 

I weigh in each Monday, so I'll be posting a scale-photo every week to keep you guys updated (and to hold myself accountable).  I created a facebook page, Let's Get Skinny, for some friends of mine to support each other through this weight loss journey.  We weigh in together and ask for advice and post tips.  I'd like for it to get bigger than it already is, so come join us and tell your friends! 

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