Thursday, December 22, 2011

Piper's lunches!

Today is Piper's last day of school till the new year, so I'm posting the lunch round-up a day early!  Let me just tell you, I am beyond excited to sleep in for the next 11 days, even if "sleeping in" means 8:30.  Beckett has decided he just doesn't want to sleep at night anymore, and the worst part is he's not even crying all night. He's just wandering around the house, getting into crap he's not supposed to.  The other morning, he was asking for cheese, but I couldn't find the block of cheese I knew we had anywhere in the fridge. I wandered all over the house looking for it, thinking he had already gotten it out and tried to bring it to me earlier that morning.  I finally found it in his bedroom, along with a butter knife, room temperature.  Two nights ago he threw a box of capri sonnes onto my bed.  Piper now sleeps with her door locked, because if she doesn't, Beck sneaks into her room and tackles her in the middle of the night.  My crazy ass son.  So yes, this Christmas break will be spent doing as much sleeping as possible.  And I will 100% enjoy it.  

On to the lunches! 

Monday, Piper had sugar snap peas and matchstick carrots, pretzel fishies with a present cupcake topper, some bbq pop chips and leftover macaroni and cheese, which she scarfed.  I didn't think she'd like it cold, but she begged me to pack it again, so yay! 

Tuesday, I went for a candy-cane theme :)  I packed her some banana chunks, red and white gold fish (that are totally from a big carton of patriotic gold fish from this summer...surprisingly still not stale!), some mixed nuts with candy cane hershey kisses, string cheese that I drew red stripes on with a food safe marker, and under that, a honey puffed wheat cake (like a quaker rice cake but preservative free) that I broke up.  

Wednesday, Piper had a pb and chocolate chip roll-up with some Christmas confetti sprinkles on it, some matchstick carrots, Christmas Captain Crunch and a present cupcake topper, and some sour cream and onion pop chips.  We just love these pop chips! They're so delicious and so much better for us than any other chips the kids usually eat.  Definitely recommend them!  


And this is Piper's lunch today!  She has a Christmas party this afternoon, so I tried to pack her food that wasn't overly sugary so she'd have something good in her stomach before she loads up on cupcakes and the apple pie chex mix we made (post on that coming tomorrow!).  I packed her a banana, some sugar snap peas, 100% fruit snacks (no weird preservatives or added sugars) under a small cookie we made (also in the post tomorrow), some apple straws and a snowflake shaped all natural peanut butter sandwich. 

Can I just take a minute and say how much better I feel about this lunch than the lunches I first started sending with Piper, even with the cookie?  This last week or so we've been eating REAL food...and I just love it.  Real peanut butter, fruits, veggies, homemade treats instead of over-processed store bought's awesome.  We went to McDonald's the other day since we were out shopping and the kids were hungry; I had maybe half a small order of fries and a caramel frappe (love them), and felt sick to my stomach later that night.  After a week and a half of a mostly fruit and veg diet.  I just feel really good about the changes we're making, and am so excited to be giving my kids REAL food now.  

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