Friday, December 16, 2011

Piper's lunches!

It's Friday, which means it's time for our weekly lunch round-up :)

Monday's lunch was crap.  I hated it, but was too tired to try to fix it.  Sorry Piper.  

She had peanut butter sandwiches cut into Christmassy shapes (from left, mitten, Santa's head, Christmas tree and gingerbread man).  Under the sandwiches were mini goldfish and some chocolate teddy grahams, and then she had a big ole pile of apples.  She ate almost everything, so that was good at least :)

Tuesday's lunch was better, in both appearance and quality of food, but this was the lunch I forgot to put in her backpack.  Mom of the year right here.  She ate it when she got home though, so all was well :)

I packed her a mini bagel with cream cheese, some Christmas Captain Crunch with a present cupcake topper, some matchstick carrots which she loved (score!) and mini nilla wafers and a couple strawberry fig newtons.  The Santa is a cupcake pick I bought at Hobby Lobby (also where I got the cupcake topper).  

Wednesday, Piper wanted to buy lunch (cheese pizza), but this is what she had Thursday.  I went grocery shopping and bought nothing processed, which I am super excited about, so if you see any processed junk foods, it's just stuff I'm using up still from the pantry.  I packed her a peanut butter and chocolate chip tortilla wrap (which will soon be whole wheat tortillas), a pile of bbq PopChips which she LOVED, some raisins and mixed nuts and some sugar snap peas. 

Today, I woke up five minutes after Piper's bus came to pick her up, and when I ran into her room to tell her I'd drive her to school, she said, "Can I just stay home? My tummy hurts."  Her door was locked, so I think what happened is Beck, who has decided he just wants to play all night now, was sneaking in her room and waking her up.  She seems fine, just tired, so we've been relaxing on the couch watching Christmas movies on Netflix.  

This is what the kiddos had for lunch.  Peanut butter Christmas tree sandwiches on top of some Cheez-its, a snowman cupcake topper, apple slickes, raisins and a few marshmallows, and a strawberry fig newton.  They were both pretty happy :)

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