Friday, December 9, 2011

Piper's lunches!

Sooooo....somehow I only managed to get photos of Piper's lunches for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I know on Tuesday I slept in and completely forgot to take a picture since I had to throw her lunch together so quickly, but I can't for the life of me remember what happened Monday.  I'm losing my mind, I swear.

Anyway, here was Piper's lunch on Wednesday:

I made her a peanut butter and chocolate chip (there's maybe 10 chocolate chips on the whole tortilla), apple slices (which are the store bought pre-cut ones; she's decided she likes them now so yay), pretzel fishies, and some Christmas Captain Crunch.  All that came back was five pretzel fishies. Success! 

Piper liked the peanut butter chocolate chip roll up so much, she asked for it again Thursday. This time I sprinkled some Christmas confetti type sprinkles on the top :)  She also had some ritz crackers and cheddar cheese, two strawberry fig newtons (which were the only thing to come back home) and some sugar snap peas.

And this was today's lunch.  It's kind of a smorgasbord...but I wasn't feeling too creative this morning.  She's got apple slices and peanut butter (and a pack of fruit snacks that she put in since she said the top part looked too empty hahaha), Cheez-it party mix, some smores goldfish with a present cupcake topper, and some green peppers and sugar snap peas.  I doubt she'll even eat half of it, but she got dressed in time to help me pack so she chose most of the things, so we'll see what comes home :)

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