Friday, December 2, 2011

Piper's lunches!

I just realized I didn't do a lunch post last week :( Oops!  Here's this week's lunches for you, though. 

Monday, Piper had cheez-its, a cheese and butter sandwich (that is heart shaped, but I had to cut in half to make it fit.  Poor planning on my part), some banana chips and ginger snap cookies to dip in a little tub of leftover pumpkin pie dip from Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, we were expecting snow, so I went with the theme:)  I packed her a hardboiled egg and drew snowflakes on it with food-safe markers, more banana chips along with her gummy vitamins, graham and chocolate teddy grahams with a super cute snowman icing decoration (got them at Hobby Lobby...$1.99 for 6 I think?), and a marshmallow fluff sandwich cut into the shape of a snowflake.  All that came home with her was the egg, so I'm calling this lunch a success! 

Wednesday, Piper wanted to buy lunch (cheeseburgers). 

Thursday, Piper had carrots (cut up this time, and she ate almost all of them so score!), cheez-its, chocolate teddy grahams and a few marshmallows with some Christmas sprinkles, almonds, and mini bagel with peanut butter.  I also cut out a Christmas tree out of a mini-fruit roll-up and stuck it on top. She ate almost everything except the bagel,which I was shocked about. 

And this was today's lunch!  She has a nutella roll-up (flour tortilla) with some sprinkles, Christmas themed Captain Crunch, parmesean goldfish with a snowman decoration, and a clementine on top of some mini nilla wafers.  I'm nervous about the clementine; I think I bought them too early in the season cause these are tarrrrtttt.  We'll see when she gets home if she liked it though!

I'm still really enjoying packing her lunches like this, I am just having a little trouble thinking of things to pack that aren't crackers or something sweet.  I feel like some of her lunches have way too much sugar in them and not enough sustenance.  She doesn't like lunchmeat of any type, doesn't like chicken unless it's chicken nuggets (and who wants cold chicken nuggets).  She eats carrots, sugar snap peas, green peppers, peas and sometimes corn.  She loves apples, but doesn't like them with lemon juice or even sprite on them (so they don't turn brown), bananas make her food soggy unless they're unpeeled....ugh.  I wish she wasn't so picky! 

Any tips for picky eaters? 


  1. You're so great to keep up with this! :) I saw a pin on pinterest a loooong time ago on cutting up an apple strategically, then putting it back together and securing it with a rubber band. The pieces lock back in place like a puzzle, so there's no need for lemon juice! Here it is: Hope that maybe that would help her eat one? :)

  2. I've done that, Valerie! If I pack an apple for her snack, I usually cut it like that :) They just won't fit in her lunchbox for lunch hahaha! Thank you for the tip :)