Friday, December 2, 2011

Mommy's shoes!

I came downstairs after catching up on some blog-reading to Piper and Beck each wearing a pair of my shoes.  Piper said, "I'm wearing the bump ones, Mom, cause they're more fun!" Apparently Shape-ups are bump shoes.  :)

After chasing eachother around the house for a bit, Piper asked me to teach her to tie shoes.  I've tried in the past to teach her, but as with most other new things, she got frustrated and gave up really quickly.  I showed her the wrap-around technique first (the one with one bunny ear...not sure the technical term for it hahaha), but she said the two bunny ears way looked easier.  I showed her a few times till she decided she was ready to try herself, and she got it first try! 

Now she wants a new pair of shoes. 

"One with laces, mom." 

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