Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas!

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, how was it?!  I'm still recovering over here; staying up till 2AM Christmas eve made falling asleep at a decent hour last night difficult, so I'm going on two consecutive days of 5 hours of sleep :(  Good thing there's no school this week!  We're going to be taking plenty of naps and spending most mornings watching cartoons in my bed I think.  

I took so many photos over the last two days! It's my favorite thing about having a phone with a decent camera; I take way more photos with my iPhone 4S than I ever did with a camera!  

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to our friends' house to enjoy a yummy ham dinner with lots of fixins. The kids also got to decorate cookies for Santa; they had ridiculous amounts of fun!  The two boys (they're both 2) were literally dumping sprinkles on the funny, and completely inedible hahaha!  

We got home from dinner around 6, and could not for the life of us keep Beckett awake.  Brandon was shaking the car seat, tickling him, yelling...anything we could think of but the little guy's eyelids just wouldn't stay up!  Skipping a nap'll do that to an over-active two year old, I guess!  We just put him straight to bed since not even carrying him in the house would wake him up.  He hasn't been sleeping well lately, so we figured an early bedtime would help tomorrow go smoother anyway.  

After we got Beck all situated, Brandon and Piper and I all changed into our Christmas jammies and snuggled on the couch to read a couple Christmas books and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks (Piper's favorite).  I found a free app on my phone to track Santa, so we had fun watching where he was going to be next.

After the movie, Piper and I set up the cookies, milk, and snacks for the reindeer.  My gramma sent the kids some reindeer food which was super adorable (oats and colored sugar crystals); they were supposed to spinkle it over the yard so the reindeer would know where to stop, but Beck was in bed already and it was really windy outside so Piper didn't want to go out. Lousy North Dakota.  I had some plastic cups though, so we put a little in each of 8 cups (I just realized we forgot one for Rudolph..sorry Rudolph!) along with a big ole carrot for Santa to take to them up on the roof. 

As soon as Piper and I finished getting everything ready, Beck woke up. *sigh*  

I changed his diaper and put his Christmas jammies on him (they say "I've been good his year, just ask my Mom!") and Brandon used his magic touch (and about four cups of milk) to get him snoozing again.  

We waited an hour or so to make sure they were asleep, and then it was time for my least favorite part of Christmas: wrapping presents.  Oh, and eating a sugar cookie.  :)

Pretty wrapping paper helped me to get through it though...that and some egg nog and brandy :)

Brandon seriously played with this train table for a good 10 minutes before we went to bed. So funny.  

Finally, we got everything wrapped and set up.  I really do love the way our tree and presents looked this year!  Such pretty colors :)

Santa always wraps his presents in Santa wrapping paper that doesn't match the rest of the presents...gotta do everything I can to keep the magic alive for as long as possible!  Brandon and I think next year will be the last year Piper believes in Santa; she's just so smart and picks up on everything.  

I wrote the  kids a little note from Santa; Piper got a real kick out of that.  

Christmas morning, Beck snuck into our bed around 6AM.  After going to sleep at 2AM, we obviously were NOT ready to start the day, so we just snuggled with him for another couple hours.  Finally, we all went downstairs to wake up Piper (yep! We had to wake her up...again.  Every year!) and let the kids go check out their goodies.

Beck was beyond excited for the Spongebob toothbrush holder Santa brought him.  Really. A toothbrush holder.  This kid loves anything with Spongebob on it!  

I just love his profile.  

Piper LOVED her blanket!  She had seen the squares before, but not the whole thing, so she was really excited to actually have it and be able to snuggle it.  Beck opened his, pulled it out of the box, and threw it behind him like it was tissue paper hiding the real present.  He's been snuggling with it all day today though, so it's okay :)

 After all the presents were opened, I snuck into the kitchen to make some less-than-stellar cinnamon rolls. They came out okay; super sweet and I think I really did need bread flour (all I had was all purpose). Next year, it's back to pillsbury cinnamon rolls in a can!

While I was mixing, I poked my head around the corner to check on Beck, and yeah...that's what I found.  My parents got the kids this train table, and they both love it....but this is how Beck likes to play with it. He sits on it and races cars and/or trains all over.  So funny.

Here's a little before and after for ya.  It's so funny to me every year how quickly things go from being pretty and shiny to destroyed and trampled.  

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out as a family, enjoying eachother's company and our gifts.

Beck's insane milk guzzling that night depleted our supply, so I ran to the Shoppette on base (which was packed, by the way) in my jammies.  nbd. 

Brandon, Piper and I played our new Monopoly game while Beck took a nap.  I saw this on Black Friday for pretty cheap (can't remember how much) and thought it would make the game easier for Piper; I was right! It was so fun playing with them, and I'm super excited she's old enough to play one of my favorite board games now!  

Brandon and I originally agreed that we would buy eachother our stocking presents with a $50 budget, so I bought him a video editing program that he's been wanting for a long time and some candy, and that was it.  Well, I feel like a jerk because he broke BOTH our rules and bought me that stand mixer, which is both over our budget and doesn't fit in the stocking, AND the latest Professor Layton game!  I'm glad he spoils me, but it makes me feel like such a butthead every year.  I'm starting Christmas shopping for him in May next year, right after our anniversary. :)

This game, by the way, is the awesome.  There's TWO games...the regular Professor Layton game, and a 100-hour RPG (similar to Harvest Moon, minus the farming) called London Life which I literally played all morning.  So awesome!  

I took this photo at 6PM; the kids loved their gifts so much!  It made me so happy to see them so thoroughly enjoying everything we got them.  

Before I tucked Piper into bed, we got out her new Squinkies playsets and played for a little bit.  Seriously, the cutest things ever.  She got this cupcake set, and Santa brought her the Squinkies mall, which has a ferris wheel that actually works!  So cute and so fun.  

Anyway, that's what our last two days have looked like!  Today too, really...minus Brandon since he had to go back to work today.  The whole holiday was really everything I could have wanted, and just made me so thankful for my sweet little family.  

Hope you all had great holidays as well!  I'll be back tomorrow with a post about all the handmade gifts I gave this year.  

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