Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gingerbread house!

We decorate a gingerbread house every year.  It started back in 2008, when Piper was just two and a half years old.  She was looking through one of my magazines and saw an ad for a gingerbread house...she practically BEGGED me to let her decorate one, so the next time we went shopping I grabbed one.  I'm pretty sure we decorated it before Thanksgiving even, but the tradition has stuck and we've really enjoyed decorating them every year as a family.  It's funny to look back on our houses over the years!  

These pictures are from our first house, in 2008.  We lived in Alaska at the time.  

Gotta love Piper's silly face.  I asked her to smile and this is what she gave me :)  

Piper really wanted to make ours look like the ones on the box the kit came in, so she chose which frosting patterns for me to make and then we stuck candy all over it :)

Cheesy grin! 

In 2009, Brandon was deployed to Iraq, and Beck was only two months old, so it was just me and Piper decorating that year's house.

 I think this year was my favorite one...even though I still didn't get the icing consistency down (gumdrops sliding off the side of the house).  Piper was really into patterns and separating colors; she did that side wall with the rainbow of candies.  

Love the little front door Piper made :)

We spent Christmas 2010 in Utah with our families, since we were right in the middle of our move to North Dakota, so we decorated that year's gingerbread house at Brandon's Gramma and Grampa's house with his sister Misty.  It was a disaster. 

It looked decent for about five seconds. 

Piper's saying "Nooooo!" as the peppermint candy is falling off the roof.

Piper ended up sticking all the candy through a hole in the roof (cause the house was falling apart too).  She wanted to see all the candy, so we gave the house a sunroof!  

This year was my best year icing consistency-wise.  It was also the first year Beck was old enough to participate (well, he probably could have last year but I think he was sleeping).  The differences between decorating with Beck as a toddler and decorating with Piper as a toddler are crazzyyyyyy.  Piper always wanted the house to look pretty; she wanted the icing in a design, similar candies to be together, etc.  I literally could not spread the icing fast enough for Beck. 

I got smart this year and used a muffin tin to hold all the candy, thanks to Wendolonia for the tip!  I think Piper might have had more fun putting all the candy in the tin than actually decorating the house!  

Beck diving right in...he put on half those candies while I was still spreading the frosting! 

Love this picture of them.  I can't get over how much Piper has grown since our first gingerbread house!

Quick break to take some pictures with the front-facing camera on my iPhone.  I like that we have the option, but I hate how the pics always come out so grainy :(   Btw, Beck's sporting an m&m face since the kids had just barely opened up their Advent Box for the day.  Sugar overload yesterday.  

Oh Brandon.  I love you more than I ever thought I could possibly love someone, but you have GOT to start letting me take your photo.  I have 10 other photos on my phone that are either blurry because he's trying to duck or have his hand in front of his face or my phone. Booo. 

My baby girl :) I really need new glasses...apparently my ears aren't at the same height and they're always crooked on my face...I'm just noticing this now that I'm taking more photos of myself.

All done!  

Such a smorgasboard of candy!  Brandon and I are thinking we're going to need two gingerbread houses next year, or one big one, in order to prevent fighting.  Piper was patient this year, but I can see her wanting to get more decorative and pretty next year and Beck wanting to just throw the candy anywhere.  

It's a fun tradition, one that I think we all look forward to every year.  

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  1. love it!!! thanx for sharing! we do the same thing every year as well. wish i would have taken pictures every year though :) good time to start!