Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent calendar/tree!

I knew I wanted the kids to decorate a tree one ornament at a time for their Advent calendar this year; it was how they would GET the ornaments that gave me trouble.  Last year, we were home in Utah for Christmas, and my mom gave me a diy advent box; basically a plain box filled with drawers that I decorated with scrapbooking paper.  It came out adorable and I was really excited to use it this year....but it's nowhere to be found!  I'm pretty sure we left it at my mom's house to save suitcase space, because I can't remember seeing it here at.all, and all of our suitcases are empty. Mom couldn't find it though, so who knows where it is? 

I started looking around Pinterest for inspiration, and boy did I find it. Boxes, cones, felt stockings hand stitched together.....who knew there were so many advent ideas? I finally settled on some form of box, and headed to the BX (the store on base) to grab a printer cartridge so I could print out some origami templates onto Christmas scrapbooking paper. But! For once in my life, the BX actually had something *better* than I wanted!

Little 3x3 inch gift boxes!  Not only would I not have to print, cut out and fold 24 boxes, these little babies were $2 for a pack of 8 and ribbons to tie them shut!  Major score. 

I bought a few rolls of wrapping paper at Target, and as I was putting my bag from the BX into the trunk, I saw that one of them had the numbers 1-25 all over it!  Double score!  Now I didn't even have to print out or draw numbers...just cut them from the paper and tape them on the box. 

Each box has a couple small treats for each kid and two ornaments to hang on their little Christmas tree.  Half of the ornaments are clay (like the Santa in the above picture) and half are little sparkly balls (like in the first picture). 

I hung the boxes on four different strands of yarn in our living room, which was severely lacking Christmas cheer.  For some reason, all of our Christmas decorations have ended up in the dining room!  Ready to see the finished project? 

I think it came out pretty cute!  Our couch is directly underneath the second and third strand; I had to hang them pretty high so they'd be out of Beckett's reach.  Once he figured out there was candy in there, I knew there'd be no stopping him. 

I hung a couple sparkly Christmas balls on each end of the strands.  Every night, I'll just cut the ribbon of the next box and let the kids open it, enjoy their treat, and hang their ornament. 

I seriously love the numbers and just wish I had been able to get some boxes that fit the color scheme better (more muted colors).  Oh well! 

Here's the tree with today's ornaments hung :) 

I chose a white tree for them...and it's making me want to buy a full size white tree.  The ornaments just pop on white trees so much more than our green one!  Wonder if I can convince Brandon to go for a white tree....

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