Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yay! kinda...

I've got good news and bad news. Well, really the bad news is just bad news for me, so I guess I've just got good news. Yay for you!  Ready? 

I'm opening back up my shop!  I know you all are super excited to be able to custom order some awesome hats for your family and friends, and honestly, I'm super excited too!  I'm coming at this re-opening refreshed and ready to get back to creating.  The last nine months have worn me the eff out; I love to learn, but going to college full time is definitely NOT do-able right now.  Between Brandon's insane work schedule (at work for four days, home for what is supposed to be five but is usually only two days), Piper's new Kindergarten and Girl Scouts schedule, and Beckett continuing to live up to his nickname ("The Human Tornado")....what little time I have for myself is being taken over by homework and that is just not how I want to spend my life.

He also makes a pretty sweet duckface in between coloring on every vertical surface in the house and dumping applesauce all over the courch. 

So, I'm dropping out of college.  Again.  I feel okay about it; I was able to earn 24 more credits towards my eventual English Lit degree, and I finished *all* of my generals and prerequisite courses.  Whenever I do go back (probably when Beck is in at least preschool), I'll only have my major classes left. That, my friends, is very exciting.  I think part of the reason I had such a hard time in school this year is because I was taking classes like Rhetoric and Critical Thinking, Effective Academic Writing, and TWO math courses. 

With this new re-opening comes a new shop location: I've moved to artfire!  Etsy has wayyyyyy too many fees and even more re-sellers; so we've broken up and I'm moving on.  I'm excited about artfire; I pay one flat fee every month and can list as much as I want!  I plan on spending more time here, as I'd really like for my business to be even more personable.  I want us to be bffs!  I'll be posting a lot about my family, crocheting and other crafts, and weight loss.  Yep!  I'm *finally* making a serious effort to lose the baby weight I gained from both my kiddos.  I started a month ago, and have already lost 7 lbs!  Very exciting.  Expect a post on my weight loss journey later this week :)

I'm off to snuggle with the hubs now...he's heading to work tomorrow so I gotta get those cuddles in when I can.

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