Friday, November 18, 2011

The week in lunches...

When Piper's first day of Kindergarten was creeping closer and closer, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'd be packing her a lunch every day.  Piper is super picky, and although I could be a hard-ass and make her buy lunch so she'd learn to try new things, school lunches aren't exactly the healthiest food around so I'm choosing to fight that battle at dinnertime.  I want her to be happy and full at school; she can go to bed without dinner all she wants (kidding...sort of). 

I kept coming across these awesome blogs written by moms who packed bento style lunches; bright, colorful, and fun little meals for their kids every single day.  I knew choosing this route would not only encourage Piper to eat different foods, it would keep things interesting for me.  Just another way to be creative.  So here we are, about two and a half months into the school year, and I'm still not dreading packing her lunch!  I don't pack her lunch every day; we check the calendar every night and she tells me if she wants to buy lunch or not.  Some weeks I pack five lunches, some weeks one or two. 

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly post of her lunches give you guys some ideas and also for you to share ideas with me! 

On Monday, Piper wanted to bring a lunchable to school that she didn't eat over the weekend.

This was her lunch Tuesday.  She had some little appetizer toasts that were each topped with a flower cut-out of a fruit roll-up, a chunk of banana chocolate chip bread and a piece of rice candy, teddy grahams, yogurt raisins and kitty cat cut outs, and some carrot sticks.  She also had a little tub of peanut butter to dip her toasts in.  I packed everything in a frog box I scored at old navy on clearance for $2.50.  I LOVE these boxes. 


On Wednesday, I made Piper a mini cheese pizza on half of a 100-calorie thin bun.  She also had a banana, some mini gold fish, two oreos and a bunch of cinnamon apple straws.  This box is the same as the frog one, but it has a monkey face.  I love how they have a top compartment; I usually use it for her sandwich or to hold packages of fruit snacks or peanut butter dips. 

On Thursday, the school served chicken nuggets and mashed potatos, so of course, she bought lunch. 

Today, Piper had a heart shaped peanut butter sandwich, some carrots and a danimals, animal crackers and fruit snacks and a bunch of honey nut chex.  We were kind of running late this morning so I couldn't get too creative, but she just came home and all that's left is a couple carrot sticks, half a sandwich, and the animal crackers so I guess she liked it! 

I also got this box at Old Navy.  They're still at the registers in my store, and are only $5, so definitely check them out if you're looking for a low-waste way to pack school lunches! 

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