Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend.

My Thanksgiving weekend went from being insanely hectic to superrrrr boring pretty quickly!  As I mentioned in a previous post, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for a few of our friends; it turned out great and we all had a really good time together!  All of the food came out delicious, except for the sweet potatoes.  I'm honestly not that much of a fan of sweet potato casserole anyway, so I'm not sure why I put it on the menu...but using canned yams just made it worse.  So mushy and sweet and just yuck. 

I did, however, use a turkey roaster for the first time...which I LOVED.  It made finishing all of the food at the same time a zillion times easier, since I had the oven free all day!  It is a huge honking guy though...took up a lot of my counter space. 

That's it up there on the right.  I got a great deal though; only $27 at Target!  It seriously was a huge lifesaver, AND as an added bonus, the turkey came out ridiculously moist and delish.  The roaster is basically just a giant crockpot, so I'm positive we'll use it more often than just on Thanksgiving.  I'm thinking a big pot full of chili for a superbowl party, warm cider for Halloween parties, even pot roasts at home!  I love it :) 

The apple pie and cranberry sauce came out fantastic as well. I finished off the last slice of apple pie for breakfast this morning (shhhh!) and dipped a turkey sandwich in cranberry sauce for lunch!  Best part about Thanksgiving weekend is the leftovers, by far...although this year they're seriously sabotaging my diet.  I ended up with over a thousand calorie deficit on Thanksgiving, thanks to all the cooking, but I definitely have not had that much of one the rest of the weekend.  I have a Body Media Fit armband that monitors my calorie burn (among other things), so it really helps with dieting and weight loss.  This is what my Thanksgiving stats looked like:

I'm not sure if the calorie intake is correct, since I didn't take the time to input the actual recipes I used (just chose entries from the system's options).  I do know I did not eat 3000 calories, so I feel pretty good about the actual holiday itself :).  It's kind of insane to think that if I hadn't eaten a thing that day, I would have lost almost an entire pound just by cooking all day. 

I'm really disappointed with the lack of pictures I took on Thanksgiving. I didn't even get a picture of all the food, or *any* of my family and friends!  Taking pictures at special events is something I really need to work on; I take tons of pictures on normal days, but zero on holidays or birthdays or date nights.  

How was your holiday?  Any turkey-dinner catastrophes? 

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