Friday, November 25, 2011

Small Business Saturday!

I have some great news!  I've decided to participate in Small Business Saturday this year (which is TOMORROW), and I've figured out a great deal for all of you!  Small businesses are something I'm growing to appreciate more and more as the years go on; yes, I still shop at Target probably a little too often, but I really do think it's so important to support our small business owners, both those with an actual store and those who sell online!  It breaks my heart to see walk through the mall and see so many stores "copying" artists and crafters who put so much hardwork and love into their goods, especially when it comes to crocheted items!  I can't even count the times I've seen a necklace or a hat or a piece of home decor that I recognize from browsing the online handmade marketplace months or even years prior.  It's obvious it's the big box stores copying the artist, as the quality is severely lacking.

When you're purchasing something a big box store is trying to pass off as handmade, not only are you spending your money in the wrong place, you're getting an inferior product.  They're sloppily made, they won't last as long, and I guarantee you'll be one of thousands that own the same exact thing.  The biggest thing I've noticed recently is obviously the one that affects me the most: animal hats.  They're EVERYWHERE.  JCPenneyHot TopicChildren's PlaceSears.  Sure, it's easier (and sometimes cheaper) to just walk into any of those stores and purchase the hat you want.  But is it really a better deal?  

Buy a hat from me and you know you're getting a hand crocheted hat that will last longer than your kids will be able to fit into it.  You get to choose every single color that goes into your hat, too!  Want a grey dino hat with lime green spikes? No problem!  Want a pink teddy bear hat with purple ears? You got it!  Your little one loves chocolate brown and teal? So do I! 

And really, when it comes down to it, would you rather put one of the hats I linked to above on your little one, or this one:

Or how about this one:

Or maybe even this one :

I'm not asking you to shop exclusively small business...I promise you I don't.  I finished up the kids' Christmas shopping this morning at Walmart and Target, as a matter of fact.  What I'm asking is to give small businesses a chance; TRY to buy handmade first.  Take a look around Etsy or Artfire or Storenvy. Visit a local craft show.  Take a walk down main street and visit the local shops in your town.  I guarantee your Christmas gifts will be the most original and the most appreciated, both by you and the person you purchased them from. 

As a sort of incentive to support small businesses, many of us have come up with some special deals for tomorrow, Small Business Saturday. I'm one of them :) 

For the rest of the weekend, use coupon code: iheartsmallbusiness to save 10% off every single thing in the store from now through Sunday, November 27th.  You can only use this coupon once, so make sure you've put everything you want in your cart before checking out.  I spent more hours than I care to think about adding every single thing I currently have photos for in my shop, so it's all there and ready for you.  I split the sizes up into individual shop sections, so just click on the size you're looking for over on the right side and you'll see the available hats. 

AND, to make things even more exciting for you, I will give you a $1 gift certificate to my shop for up to 10 reciepts you email me showing you have supported a small business this weekend.  It can be a forwarded paypal invoice, a photo of a reciept from a mom and pop restaurant, a print-screen of an artfire or etsy invoice...whatever. Something to show me you supported a small business at some point this weekend. 

Email your proof to me at sophie040384 at gmail dot com and I will create a gift certificate for you (it's all done electronically through artfire, so you will get an email Monday morning with your gift certificate info).  I absolutely will not take any more reciepts after midnight Sunday, November 27th, and will tally them all up and email out certificates Monday morning. 

And please, share this post with all of your friends and family!  It is so, so, SO important we support our small business community, especially in rough economic times like these.  Your purchases may very well make the difference between ramen noodles or roast chicken and rice for dinner for many families. 

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