Monday, November 28, 2011

How lovely are thy branches....

We finally got to set up our Christmas tree tonight!  This is the first Christmas since 2008 that we were able to set our tree up as a family; last year we were in the process of moving to North Dakota so we spent Christmas in Utah with family.  The year before that, Brandon was deployed to Iraq, so Piper and I set it up with my mom when she came to help me out with Beckett (he was born that Halloween). 

It went considerably better than I expected!  Beck really got into it, which was awesome. I was expecting him to have more fun taking ornaments off than putting them on.  He was really excited about the set of Spongebob ornaments my aunt and uncle had given to Piper a few years ago! 

He also really loved the lights; he kept saying "Pweey!" (pretty) and just barely touching the bulbs with his fingertips. 

 Piper was a sweetheart as patient with her brother, even when he kept moving the ornaments she had hung. 

She's growing up so fast.  I know everyone says that, but honestly it seems like she's gone from this little preschooler that couldn't even spell her last name to a big kindergartner that's reading so quickly. Sometimes it makes me sad, but then I realize how much more we can do together now that she is older and I love it.  I can't wait till she's old enough to teach to crochet! 

This ornament is from our very first Christmas tree as a family; it was a Charlie Brown tree for sure, and we were so broke I had to make most of the ornaments.  I loved it though, and I want to make sure we keep this ornament on our tree every year as a reminder of how far we have come as a family. 

Daddy picked Piper up so she could put the star on the top of the tree. 

This is probably my favorite photo of the night, even though it's a bit out of focus.  Seeing the kids interact so sweetly with eachother makes me *so* happy.  They have such a great relationship...I know it won't last forever, and that screaming contests are coming quicker than I can believe, but for now, this sweetness is so amazing. 

We had a great night, and the tree is gorgeous.  I'm definitely hitting the after-Christmas sales to get a bigger one though; I forgot how small this tree was! 

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