Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day.

I love Mother's Day.

It's become my favorite day in these last four years...because it is all about me.

Does that sound selfish?


But it really is the one day out of the year that is all about me, and I love it, even though each year I inevitably end up going to bed disappointed.

I go out of my way to make my family's special days just that...special...and so every year I hope and wait for something special to happen on MY one special day. I don't even know what exactly I would want to happen...just SOMETHING to make it seem like it was a special day...something to make it different from the other 365 days of the year.

I woke up to my family's smiling faces, a plate of scrambled eggs and a couple sausage links, the smell of a fresh pot of coffee lingering in the air, and two adorable cards my husband picked out from the kids. It was very sweet, and I'm very thankful, but I guess I just wanted more. I wanted to go for a walk, to find a new playground, to go to lunch, to walk around the market...ANYTHING.

But we didn't.

It's not my husband's fault. He tries. He thinks I want him to buy me jewelry or flowers or expensive things, so because we don't always have the money to pay for those things, he doesn't do anything. I try to explain to him that I just want us to do something we don't usually do...but he just has a hard time thinking of those things.

He doesn't see an afternoon at a park the same way I do, and probably never will.

So, we spent the day at home.

Piper took a three hour nap since she woke up at 6 AM and was still in a bad mood when she woke up.

Beckett is finally cutting his first tooth (it's been doing jumping jacks in his gums for the past two months) so he's a grump face too.

By the time we got Piper in the bathtub and into clean clothes it was already 6:30 and no one was making any effort to get out of the house, so I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner and laughed at SNL with my husband.

I put some laundry away, got the kids to bed, and curled up into bed with my kindle while Brandon curled up next to me with Harry Potter.

It was a mundane Mother's Day, a grumpy Mother's Day, a sleepy Mother's Day, but it was Mother's Day nonetheless. I hope you all had a wonderful one...and that next year, mine will be a little more special.

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