Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my fingertips are green...

We colored eggs tonight! 

Every year, I have these aspirations of creating the perfect egg...and every year, I'm utterly let down.

I'm HORRIBLE at coloring eggs. 

Well, not coloring them, persay...dropping them in cups of dye isn't too difficult.

But anything more complex than that....yep, I suck. 

Next year, I'm planning ahead dangit!  We had fun anyway :)  Here's a few photos we took (Beckett was going to join us this year for the first time since he was only 6 months old last easter, but he ended up going to bed super early. Next year!) 

Izzie wanted to get in on some egg dying fun!

That's the love of my life :)

Hope you all have a wonderful easter!  I can't wait for Easter morning...the Easter bunny is bringing 42 eggs for the munchkins to find around the's going to be AWESOME.  :) 

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