Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy busy busy..

but busy is good, right? 

With the way my husband's schedule is going here, it seems to be.  He works out on the missile fields out for the guys who work out there.  He leaves in the morning and comes home in the afternoon four days later, and then he's supposed to be off for five days.  Which would be lovely...except that's NOT how it's been for our first month here.  Actually, we haven't even been here a month yet, but he's worked three back-to-backs with only two-three days off in between. 

I shouldn't complain, really; with this job he's ineligible for deployment.  But honestly, it feels like he is deployed.  I'm by myself with the kids the majority of the time.  I'm the one who shovels the driveway, fixes the car, pays the bills, figures out whether or not we can afford daycare for at least Beckett so I can get stuff done during the day, takes out the trash, cleans the house....I do EVERYTHING most of the time. 

I'm starting to wonder if I am going to have time for school AND my shop on top of all my other responsibilites, and honestly, it would break my heart if I had to give up either.  Both give me such immense satisfaction and a huge self esteem boost...both help me to remember I'm not just "mom", I'm Sophie.  I've found someone to watch Beck for a few hours a couple of the days Brandon is gone, so that's good. I kind of feel silly putting one child in daycare and not the other, so I think I'm going to see if the preschool on base has any openings. Might be more productive if I am completely child free, you know?  I feel like this is something I need to do for myself...I've spent way too many years just being mom. It's time to be mom AND work towards a future for myself. 

With that little mission statement of sorts lol, I'll sign off for now.  Brandon should be home tomorrow, which means I have a crap ton of housework to do :)  Till later, my lovelies! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh man.

I really need a schedule.  I feel like I'm just flailing about everyday doing a little of this and a little of that and all that adds up to a whole lot of nothing substantial. 

I made myself a cleaning schedule...allocated one room/area to each day of the week, so I'm hoping that will help a little.  Now I just need to decide when to clean, when to crochet, when to play around on the internets, and soon, when to do study! Not to mention playing with the kids, meeting up with friends, running errands...etc. 

I'm getting worn out just thinking about it all!

I weaned off my effexor during the move; getting out of Alaska and seeing more of Mr Sun helped considerably and since I kept forgetting to take the pill anyway I just figured, why not?  I'm going to start back up again though.  I've just noticed myself feeling overwhelmed again...feeling like running upstairs and locking myself in my room instead of dealing with everything going on around me.  Brandon's job has him away from home 4 days at a time (and supposed to be home for 5, but that hasn't happened yet because they're shorthanded and he's still training) so that just adds to the stress.  It's hard taking care of a four year old and a one year old alone for four days and nights.  Changing every diaper, cooking every meal, washing every dish, playing every game, giving every's exhausting.  So, I'm going back to my happy pills, for the time being at least.  :) 

Shopwise, everything is going swimmingly!  I have at least five different things to list...just waiting till I can go out and buy a new camera since ours was either lost in the move or packed away in some random box down in the basement that I don't feel like going through.  We needed a new one anyway.  I have a craft show coming up on Feb 12th so I'm busily trying to get stuff made for that.  Super excited! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

nom nom nom

That right there ^ folks is me devouring my new favorite snack EVER (and evidence of my crappy ass paint writing skills).  I've been on a trail mix kick lately but this by far is the best one. 

Chocolate covered almonds.  Dried cranberries.  Vanilla flavored almonds. 

super duper happy Sophie tummy. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A whole lotta new!

Happy 2011 all!  I wrote the date today (when purchasing a brand spanking new washer and dryer...stupid base housing at Minot doesn't equip their homes with them!) it felt weird!  I can't believe I only have a year and a half left until my ten year high school reunion...TEN YEARS!  So crazy. 

I'm starting the new year off, well, new!  New home, new friends, new mentality, new goals...everything's brand spanking new and I couldn't be happier about it!  New-ness suits me just fine :)

Minot AFB, North Dakota is my new home...we flew in Sunday afternoon.  So far it's white, flat, and cold.  Brandon keeps hearing horrible things about this place and I keep hearing good things, so we're just going to stay positive and make the best of it while we're here!  We ended up getting a house Monday afternoon, which is so crazy fast I still can't believe it!  It's not my dream house, persay, but then again it's base housing so there'd probably be things I didn't like about it even if it was a bigger, more open floorplan.  Mostly I'm just worried about the Beckster...he gets in to EVERYTHING and I really don't want to spend my days being his shadow.  We'll be investing in some kiddie gates for sure. 

I'm excited to decorate my new house though, and will for sure be involving you guys in it!  We are considerably better off financially after this move than we were in Alaska so I have a little money to spend on decorating.  Yippeeee! 

New friends are a.w.e.s.o.m.e!  I met Lindsay of Pixies and Bears somehow through the web and then Sandi of Nioi before we even moved here and I freaking love them already!  I went to Sandi's house this morning for super duper delicious berry muffins and coffee and the kids and I had so much fun!  Very excited to get to know this group of ladies more.  :)

Mentality wise, I've just decided to take a different approach to life in general.  I'm tired of getting stressed about the little things.  I'm just going to smile and try my best to make the best of things...if this base ends up sucking as much as we keep hearing it's going to, then I'll do my best to make our home a haven from the suckiness.  If Brandon ends up getting stuck at the missile fields for a week straight, then I'll find a sitter and give myself an hour off instead of getting stressed and panicky. 

And now the goals!  This is the best part..........I'm going back to school!  University of Phoenix has a bachelor's in English program entirely online!  I would much rather go to class, but with the kiddos and Brandon's unpredictable schedule, this is the best I can do.  I'm so excited though...I'll hopefully be starting February 1st. 

Shopwise, I've decided to focus my efforts on hats and amigurumi.  Those are the two things I enjoy making the most, and seem to be to things people enjoy buying the most too, so it works out great!  I'm going to bust my butt once I get the house unpacked to get things made and organized so I can reopen my shop and hit it full force.  I'm also going to make a bigger effort to connect with my customers (you!) by regularly blogging and facebooking...I want to start doing tutorials and DIY project ideas...all that good stuff! 

And now that I've written a novel, I'm gonna sign off.  Hope your new year is going well so far!