Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earthquake Park

Piper and I snuck out of the house today to enjoy the sunshine and check out Earthquake Park on the west side of Anchorage. We walked quite a bit of the Coastal Trail...I wasn't sure Piper was going to make it back the whole way to the car but she's a trooper.

She had lots of fun making footprints in the snow.

And was clearly thrilled to stop running around long enough to take a photo with her momma.

Out there in the distance is Mt McKinley...I could barely see it too so don't worry if you cant.

Don't you just love her little hat and hoodie? It's gonna be a sad day when she won't let me pick out her clothes anymore.

These trees were so gorgeous.

I couldn't get enough of the green on blue contrast.


This is what the earth did back in terrifying would it be to experience an earthquake of this magnitude?

And this is my favorite photo of the day. She's growing up so fast...I look at her and can't believe four years have already gone by.

I love these little stolen mommy-daughter moments. They've become such a rare thing since Beckett a way it makes me sad, but their rarity makes them that much more treasured.

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