Monday, November 2, 2009

Beckett Ryan Jeffery

Wow…what a weekend!

My little pumpkin Beckett was born at 4:36 AM Halloween morning at a whopping 9 lbs 9 oz and 21.5 inches.

I went in Friday night after my contractions were getting steadily stronger and closer together only to be told my cervix STILL hadn’t changed (I had been dilated to 4cm for almost a month by this point)…so was fully expecting to be sent home again. The nurse came back in and made my day…since I tested positive for Group B Strept and Beckett was so close to being fully engaged anyway, they decided to go ahead and admit me and induce labor. I was absolutely thrilled; this past month has been miserable, painful, and just plain exhausting.

They broke my water around 9:30 PM and started the pitocin drip shortly after…I got my epidural soon after that since we were fairly certain things were going to move quickly and I wanted to be sure it was working when it came time to deliver.

I was fully dilated at 4AM and started pushing, and miraculously, Beckett, my giant of a newborn , was born 36 minutes later.

I feel fantastic…much better than I did the day I went into labor. My doctor was fantastic and helped A TON so I didn’t even tear, which I think is why I’m feeling so well. I’m just sleepy…but that’s to be expected.

Beckett is a sweetheart, and only really cries when I’m changing his diaper (he’s not a fan of being naked). I’ve already been peed on once…although it wasn’t really preventable (I was putting some ointment on his circumcision when he decided to empty his bladder in my general direction). He’s a fantastic nurser, which I’m thrilled about, since I didn’t get the chance to breastfeed Piper. Just gotta get used my body used to it, and we’ll be golden.

Piper’s doing really well; she loves Beckett, and asked me if she could hold him today which was adorable. She keeps saying how cute he is, and is just tickled pink when he looks at her.

I swear I’ve given birth to my husband; I know everyone said Piper looked like him when she was a newborn but I never really saw it as much….with Beckett, I can’t look at him without seeing Brandon. He’s got his eyes, his frowns, his browline, his nose…everything except the mouth (which is mine ).

Anyway, I just wanted to fill whoever in on the details…I’m off to the store to grab a few things I didn’t get a chance to get before he was born.

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