Saturday, August 22, 2009

this whole healthcare thing.

So, I know that in the grand political scheme of things I mean absolutely nothing. No one is going to care enough about what I write here to overthrow the ridiculousness that is going on in America currently. What I believe won’t help America’s healthcare get the makeover it so desperately needs any faster. My opinions will not save the 18,000 Americans who die unnessecarily each year simply because they do not have access to proper medical care.

I’m just Sophie. I don’t have a job…I stay at home with my three year old every day while my unborn son confuses the insides of my uterus with a punching bag. I love my husband and am very proud of his career in the United States Air Force.
I have medical insurance. My children have medical insurance. We never have to worry about so much as even a co-pay. If Piper comes down with a fever we just can’t get rid of, we go to the hospital. One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was to call the hospital and schedule my first prenatal care appointment. If my husband is vomiting and just can’t stop, we go to the hospital.

How much more glorious would America be if no mother had to forgo prenatal care because she didn’t qualify for Medicare? How wondrous would our country be if every child made it to every single well-child appointment? How great would America be if no father had to refuse medical care when he so truly needs it because feeding his children is more important?

America is the only major industrialized nation in the world that does not offer a public option for it’s citizens. Sure, we spend the most on healthcare, but where does all that money go? The quality of care, the availibility of care, the accessibility of care, or lack thereof, has ranked us at 37th in the nation by the World Health Organization. Thirty-seventh. Guess who’s number one? France. Guess who’s number 38? Slovenia. Above us, Germany, Austrailia, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom…in other words, the other major industrialized nations. Below us, the rest of the world.

God forbid this country misses out on the opportunity to achieve the quality of life its citizens so truly desrve due to the ignorant slanderings of a political party of whom the majority still believe our President is not an American citizen. These people have somehow got it into their heads that the only way to get their views across is to do so by creating chaos…by taking over townhall meetings with their boistrous, innacurate claims…by filling their timeslots with men and women who feel it’s their duty to spread fear and untruths. They create fantasies; one woman misread a clause in the bill and blew it so far out of proportion that children are holding signs saying Obama will kill their grandmother.

Unfortunately, it’s working. The right-wingers have succeeded in creating such a distraction that the people who really do have EVERY Americans (not just the middle/upper class) best interests at heart are spending time debunking these fantasies instead of spreading their own truths.
I’m not going to get into the individual falsities (“death panels”, etc). I just wanted to get my view out there…and let it be known that while I once considered myself smack dab in the middle of the political line, I am moving further and further to the left with every picture I see of a middle class, white man screaming at his representative because he’s too arrogant to shut his mouth and open his mind to the truth.

Letting 18,000 people die each year is like letting six 9/11′s happen every year. How many of those are children? Better yet, how much larger would the number be if it included the miscarried babies of mothers who could not seek proper prenatal medical care?

Sit down and really think about these rumors and fantasies the republicans are creating. Research them yourself and find out the truth. Then tell me what you really think…because I’m done listening to ignorant, conspiracy theorists.

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