Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where's the baby?

I’ve really been making a conscious effort to involve Piper as much as possible in this pregnancy…hoping that when the tiny, wrinkled, screaming baby-who-mommy-will-have-to-pay-attention-to is finally here, Piper will have some clue as to what is going on. I think about that day at least once daily…not only because I’m hoping this baby will look at least a little like me so people believe me when I say, yes, this is my child, but because I’m a little bit (okay, a lot a bit) anxious about Piper becoming an older sister.

Not that she’s spoiled or anything; she’s a fantastic kid and sometimes I can’t even believe how lucky I am to have her. It’s just that “Mommy and Piper” have had so much time together these past three years and played so many games of Candyland and went to Target so many times that I wonder what is going to happen when it’s “Mommy and Piper and Baby” going to McDonald’s or walking to the playground or painting our fingernails or baking cookies.

Piper was the first person I told when that pregnancy test read “Pregnant”. She didn’t understand, of course, and I’m not sure she really understands now, but she’s been to every doctor’s appointment with me so far and has seen the ultrasound pictures and has walked to the Shoppette willingly with me whenever I’m craving peach iced tea. I’ve told her the baby is in my tummy, and every week I hold my hands apart to show her how big the baby is now, to which she invariably replies, “It’s so tiny!”

Last weekend we were at a BBQ (one of three we went to…I only had to cook once all weekend!) with a bunch of our friends, and someone asked Piper if she was excited about becoming a big sister.

She looked at them blankly, so I decided to show them our little trick and said, “Piper, where’s the baby at?” She hesitated for a second, then grinned her mischievous little I-look-so-much-like-Daddy-right-now-it’s-ridiculous grin, pointed to my left boob and said, “Right here?”

The room erupted in laughter, which only egged her on, because when I asked her again, she just pointed to my right boob and said between giggles, “Here, Mommy?”

My daughter, the comedian.


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