Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Little Baby Jeffery,

Hello my darling child! I have lots of exciting things to tell you…but I’ll start off with how freaking cute you are! We had our first appointment last week, and got to see you for the first time! This is what you look like:
11 weeks

Look how cute you are! Your big ol’ head with your tiny nose and mouth and eyes and your little arms and legs…I cannot wait to squeeze and cuddle the crap out of you.

More good news: You are now 12 weeks old, which not only means the risk of us losing you has dropped considerably, but Mommy is entering the glorious 2nd trimester, during which there is no nausea, enough energy to make it through a busy day, and the return of the desire for things that happen in the bedroom that I will tell you about when you are older. Yay 2nd Trimester!

We’ve also decided that the entire family will be going home this summer. Fair warning, expect a lot of strange hands to be rubbing Mommy’s tummy…Daddy has a BIG family and we will be visiting all of them. They’re all nice, I promise.

And now, I have a favor to ask you. Little Baby Jeffery, your Daddy really wants a son, and I don’t know if he’s going to want to have another kid after this. Most of that is my fault; your Mommy has become a huge bitch this pregnancy, and considering I spent Piper’s pregnancy crying over every little thing, I’m not sure which is worse…and I’m sure Daddy doesn’t want to go through either again. It’s not fun.

I know it’s already been decided and it’s completely Daddy’s fault if you are a little girl, but if you have any say-so whatsoever, could you please be a little boy? For Daddy? Of course we will love you either way, and I personally will be thrilled to have another manicure partner, but Daddy really needs someone to do yucky boy things like paintballing and fishing and playing bloody video games with.

So anyway, I asked, and this way Daddy can’t be mad if you aren’t a boy. Not that he’ll be mad if you’re a girl, but you know what I mean.

I love you, Little Baby Jeffery, and am counting down the months until I get to hold you.

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