Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello little grape-sized baby.

You are 9 weeks old now…in the womb, at least. Why don’t we count our age from the moment of conception? You are alive…and honestly it felt weird to tell people your sister was only a few days old when in fact I had known her for 37 weeks. Anyway……….I’m rambling.

You are about one inch tall right now. You have arms and legs, and a rather large head. Your heart is working, your little boy/girl parts are forming…you even have nipples! You should start moving soon, but I can’t feel it yet. Should be soon though…I felt Piper moving around 15 weeks and I’m told I’ll feel you even sooner than that.

I definately look pregnant, and can’t button my jeans anymore. Most of that is because I’m starting this pregnancy heavier than I should be, but honestly it’s like my uterus said, “HEY! I remember being pregnant!” and promptly started growing and stretching to accomodate a 4 month old fetus. I’m excited though; waiting to show with Piper was frustrating, and I feel like I look pregnant rather than just fat.

Wanna know just how crazy your momma is? I ate half a bagel with cream cheese, two small pickles, and a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart for dinner last night. Oh and a glass of chocolate milk. You defintately have me eating some crazy things…I NEVER eat pickles, but haven’t been able to get enough these past couple days. I’ve also been dying to get my hands on a Royal burger from Red Robin…so much so that Piper and I are probably going tomorrow for lunch.

We get to see you for the first time in a couple weeks; our first appt is April 15th. It seems so far away still…we were supposed to be seen next week but daddy has an exercise so we rescheduled.

Daddy’s doing very well, by the way. He was chosen as Airman of the Quarter for his squadron, and was moved to the Readiness warehouse…which he is very excited about. He’ll be there until July, then he hopes to move to the dining facility as their Storeroom Supervisor. It should work out; everyone wants him to work for them. :D Your daddy is so awesome…I’m so proud of him and cannot wait for you to meet him. I hope you are a boy, for him. He needs someone to rough house with.

I love you, Little Bean, and hope you are happy and healthy bouncing around in my uterus.

Let me know when you want more pickles.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Traded a dog for three fish

We found a new home for our black lab, Buddy, this weekend….and I couldn’t be happier.

Is that horrible? I miss the guy…but GOD it is so nice to have a carpet that still looks vacuumed two days later and to not have to guard my daughter’s lunch while she goes potty and to not have to wrestle with him everytime someone comes to the door.

I put an ad up on craig’s list and a super nice family responded; they live in Eagle River and have about an acre of land AND another dog for him to play with; it’s really better off for Buddy.

Piper misses him. She was really sad when they left with him…so I totally took her to the store and got her some goldfish.

I heart goldfish.

They’re fun to watch, and most importantly, their mess is contained.

I think we may have too small of an aquarium though…cause GOD are they messy. I might be purchasing a 10 gallon tank tomorrow…5 gallons just doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm back

So much for M-F updates, huh?

Sorry about the absence….I promise I have had every intention of sitting down and writing a new post, but I tend to get distracted easily. The biggest distraction lately is the couch; I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve taken a nap almost every day for the past two weeks. And I fully intend to continue this habit as long as I can use the “I’m pregnant” excuse.

I just looked out the window; it’s snowing. Again.

I’ve been complaining about the fact that my world is covered in white at least once a day for the past MONTH…and still, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Piper!! It’s snowing!!!” Not even in a sarcastic, annoyed, or pissed off tone. I was genuinely excited for about three seconds. For about three seconds, I was a toddler again…thrilled at the sight of snow falling from the sky.

When did I get to the point where I could only handle three seconds of snow-fall excitement? When did snow become something to be loathed…something to take the blame for my freezing hands or my slippery walks through parking lots? When did it no longer mean sledding and snowmen and snowangels and forts and snowball fights? Probably when I moved to Alaska, where there is snow on the ground six-eight months out of the year. I’ll bet you anything I can manage to slip and fall in the parking lot more times than I can manage to go sledding or build a snowman.

I took Piper for a walk the other day. We were bored, the sun was out, and it had gotten up to about 20 degrees that day. We bundled up and still had bright red noses and cheeks when we got to the Shoppette.

After we grabbed a few snacks, we headed home…and Piper walked through the snow the whole time.

You’d think she’d just met Dora the Explorer for real, she was so thrilled. She sunk in past her knees a couple times, she fell flat on her face more than a few times, she tried (unsucessfully) to make snowballs and throw them at me…and by the time I got her home and stripped out of her wet clothes, her little legs were bright red and freezing and I had to wrap her up like a little toddler burrito with three blankets to get her warm again….but she was still absolutely thrilled.

Yesterday in the car, she said, “Mommy, remember when we went for a walk? And I played in the snow?” And I said, “Yes, I remember that! It was cold, huh?” She said, “Yeah, it was so funny!”
Oh to be a kid again.