Sunday, February 8, 2009

long time no see!

Hello all my lovelies!

Brandon and I did our taxes already and got our refund a couple days ago; we splurged and bought a laptop (after paying off bills, of course...aren't we responsible adults?). I'm thrilled, because this means I can once again be addicted to the internet without feeling like a pervert holed away in a cold, unfinished basement.


So, update, everything's fantastic. Piper is almost THREE YEARS OLD, which blows my mind. She's the funniest little kid I've ever met. She's also getting quite good at embarassing the shit out of me on a regular basis. The other day, we were at Target, and while I was looking at my clothes, she turned around and pointed across the aisle towards the bras and yelled in her loudest three-year-old voice, "Look mommy! BOOBS!!!"

I love being a mom.

Speaking of which, yes, we're still trying to get pregnant again. No, I'm not currently pregnant. I lost the baby back in November. I know, it's horrible and really really sad, and although I can't say "It's okay", it is. We're on clomid, so hopefully something will happen. I've been so effing baby hungry for a year's crazy.

Brandon's set to deploy next September, which means if we do get pregnant in these next few months, he'll prob miss the birth...but he should be able to come home for a couple weeks, which will be cool. If I'm not 9 months pregnant, I'm planning on coming home for the holidays next year; as much fun as it would be, I'm not having Christmas and Thanksgiving all alone with Piper.

Life is good though. I'm not working, which means my house is actually clean...which makes me happy because it seems the older I get the more of a clean freak I become. I hate it, but at least my house is clean.

There are tons of new pictures on our website... , and I've started a blog at . Fair warning, I swear a lot and don't plan on censorin myself, so if you don't want to read stuff like that, then don't. I am, however, trying to lose weight again and will be weighing in and such there.

Hope you guys are doing well, and that you don't hate me for not really using myspace for 6 months. :D    

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