Friday, October 12, 2007

Military wifey

Well it's official! Brandon is in the Air Force! YAY!
He graduated last week from Basic and is now at tech school at Lackland AFB. It sucks that we couldn't go with him, but at least he has his cell phone and it's only for six weeks. He'll be in Services...which isn't the job he wanted, but he'll be able to focus on finishing his degree which is fantastic.
Life is good (aside from the fact that my husband is 2000 miles away from me). Piper and I are living with my mom and dad, which is, as you can all probably guess, very difficult for me. But, it's only for a little while longer. We're gonna try and plan it so we PCS between Christmas and New Year's.
I work at Pizza hut again as a driver, which is cool. I really like my store; the people there make me laugh and it's not a drag to have to go to work everyday. I'm actually hoping to start training as a shift manager'll be nice to finally have some managerial experience on my resume.
Piper is growing like a weed. She's a year and a half now, and is quite the comedian. She's 33 inches tall about about 30 lbs...which is kinda heavy, but she doesn't look overweight (really) and is tall for her age so we're not worried about it. She LOVES the doodlebops, and the theme song for Family Guy. :-) I'm still not sure what she's going to be for halloween though...any suggestions?
I'm doing okay though. I know my last blog sounded depressing...and I'm still struggling, but dealing. Being able to talk to my husband every night really helps. It's hard to be really happy when you're living with someone who constantly brings you down and the only person who can really bring you up again lives in Texas. :-)
Anyway, I know I'm a crappy friend and don't call people as much as I probably should. I'm sorry. I really am. I tend to push people away when life gets difficult...which is a bad habit I need to break. I love you guys, and hope you can forgive me. :-)

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