Tuesday, May 23, 2006

7 weeks down.

i'm watching walk the line for like the eighth time. i heart johnny cash.
so my daughter is seven weeks old today, and I love her more and more with each passing day.
being a mom is quite possibly the most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. i absolutely love every second of it. i'm constantly amazed at how much she loves me already. it blows my mind when she follows my voice around the room.
piper started smiling a couple weeks ago. and it melts my heart every time she does it.
brandon and i are thinking about getting our own place. we really need to do it. it's just hard to feel at home and create your own happy environment for your family when you're living in another family's house. and i'm getting tired of her kids.
i went back to work this week. i'm working at Fairchild Semiconductor. i'm a manufacturing operater. Fairchild makes the computer chips that control power settings in cell phones, laptops, etc. I work in implant, which means i run the machines that add ions to the wafers (what the chips are made on). it's cool. and the benefits are great.
the worst part is that i have to be away from piper for 12 hours 3or4 days a week.
I started scrapbooking. i know. my mom sucked me into her crafty world. took her 22 years, but she finally succeeded.
i'm really excited for warped tour this year. rise against, the academy is, saves the day, less than jake, bouncing souls, and reggie and the full effect will all be there.
if anyone wants to go see over the hedge this weekend, give me a ring.

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